06 November 2021

So much time has passed

 I can not believe it's been just short of a year of me posting. D'oh.

Everything just putters along. I have spent a lot of time this year reading.  I made a decision to read the major works of Jane Austen this year, since my brother bought me a beautiful set of the major six novels a few years ago, and I hadn't buckled down. I have almost completed that goal. I just have to read Pride & Prejudice and I will be done. I plan on doing that closer to the holidays, though. Since the last time I read it--the day Left-brain proposed to me--it only took a day and I have 4 days of vacation coming up, I think that's doable. 

I also managed to finish the entire Outlander series this year.  I restarted it in 2018, during my period of unemployment, and it's taken me this long to read all 8 of the current books. But reading 3 this year is exceptional for me, particularly since I got bogged down by The Fiery Cross. I am ready for the next one to come out. I am working my way through the Emily of New Moon series by LM  Montgomery now. I finally finished reading the Anne of Green Gables series last year--I kept getting stuck on Rilla of Ingleside--but Emily has always been difficult to read the whole way through. I am determined to get the series done by Christmas. 

Which is not to say I have not been stitching. I finished Claire by my self-imposed deadline. I promise to provide a photo next time I pop in. I am planning on spending the next few weeks finishing ornaments for Christmas. I probably could have a lot more done had the sewing machine not died, but it is what it is. I choose not to take it to the repair shop for fear of what they will say. I did ask for a new machine--one not so fancy and fiddly--for Christmas, so we will see what happens.  And I have picked Summer Ball back up. 

I have determined my stitching plans for 2022. I picked 4 large UFOS: Summer Ball, the piece I started for my daughter the summer I was pregnant with my son, the Winter bell pull from SC I started years ago, and one other that I forget right now because I am exhausted. My planned rotation is to do the first round through them as a one month. I think with one month devoted to each, I can make good progress and probably finish the one for my daughter. Then, I will change to two weeks on each. I think I can make good progress. 

I think  . . . 

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