04 October 2011

Moonshine and dragon's behind

I worked on Icy last night. We turned on the PBS miniseries about Prohibition, and watched that, more to make sure pictures of my grandparents and great-grandparents didn't show up than anything else. Yes, my sainted grandmother made 'shine. Her father did time in jail for their cottage industry, and I was a bit concerned I'd see a familiar face--probably not a legit concern, since they weren't special in the their endeavors, but ya never know. As a side note, Left-brain asked about making it one time, and I had to tell him Gramma told me how to make it, but I would'nt trust her memory of the recipe. Besides, I've smelled shine stored in a salsa jar during my college days, as part of a class exercise, and any liquor that infuses itself with the microscopic remnants of whatever was in the jar before it, well, that is not something I think I should be drinking at this stage in my life. But I am determined I will finish Icy dragon tonight. Not the rest of the chart, but I am going to finish stitching his butt by the end of the day. I am tired of using the white rayon. TIRED OF IT! I am going to take a break from rayon after this for a while, but first I want that butt done.

Thank you for your kind comments about my finishes and WIPs. I really think they turned out nice. I can't wait to see how they're going to look on the tree. I have Autumn Shadows with me as my travel project for now, and am waiting to get a few more ornaments ready to send to the finisher, before I send them off.

I had quite a scare this morning. I leave the house early in the morning, right as the sun is coming up. Usually it's OK because the sun is starting to come up as I leave town. And we live in a relatively deer-free area. But it's hunting/breeding season, and so the deer are out of their minds.

My commute takes me around a curve, up a hill, around another curve. This morning, right when I came around the second curve, I noticed a flash of white on the hill right along side the road. A smallish deer was coming down the hill at a high rate of speed. He couldn't stop, I couldn't stop. And he was headed right at the car. I swung out into the other lane. THANK GOD no one was coming. I'm shocked he didn't run into the car, but we both survived to fight another Tuesday. I tell you, a deer coming at your car from above works wonders to get those last bits of sleep from your system, way better than coffee or sodas, and calorie-free. You better believe my hands were at 10 and 2, LOL.

I hope your Tuesday is uneventful. And, if you get a chance, the Prohibition mini-series, like all Ken Burns' work, is well worth watching. I'm fascinated by the history of that time, and really enjoyed it, as did Left-brain.


Kathy A. said...

Boy the heart must have been ticking overtime this morning. I have come close to hitting deer a few times too and can understand how you felt. Glad to hear you are safe.
Loved the Prohibition story and glad no family members appeared lol.
Look forward to your progress on Icy Garden.

Annie said...

I had a deer pass right in front of my car on Montrose road the other night. Strolling across as calm as you please. I hit the brakes and you should have heard the horn honking behind me from other drivers that hadn't seen him yet! You are certainly right about that adrenaline rush!

riona said...

I liove in a pretty densely suburban corridor between bands of green space along the Hudson River and the Hi-Tor and Low-Tor mountains. As developers encroach on the green space more and more the deer are forced into our towns and villages, so I can very much appreciate your experience having had a few of my own. The saddest thing is to see a doe or fawn dead at the side of the road. On a happier note, I am glad to hear that Icy is coming along and quite agree that rayon floss is the pits.

Nancy said...

Hope you get that butt finished today, lol! Deer encounters can be so scarey, glad you missed each other!

CindyMae said...

So glad that you did not see any family members pictures! Great story though. Love hearing about families pasts! Even more glad to know that you and the deer did not have an accident! Hope the stitching of the butt goes well today!@

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