30 October 2008

One sick puppy

First it was SO, then it was me, then Chancey had to go to the vet, now Robbie had to go. It's a trickle down thing.

He was acting funny last night. He whined extra long when I came in, but I figured he was just very talkative. He is a big mouth, which I am happy about. My first Schipperke was a "talker;" I trained her to sing and she vocalized fairly frequently. Chancey is quiet, and never would learn those tricks, but Robbie's a talker too. So when he whined, I just asked my mother, as is our little joke, what on earth she was doing to my son all day that he had such a sad story to tell me.

He was snuggly last night, but he's always snuggly when I am watching TV. I think sometimes he gets mad that I go to SO's as much as I do, so I try to give him all the snuggly time he can get. But he was quiet. I noticed last night he is starting to look like an older dog, but I didn't think anything of it. He's been pulling hair out of his legs, but I watched those and they didn't seem to be infected, so I figured when he was acting funny, the booboos stung or he was just annoyed because I keep telling him to quit it. I was planning on taking him to the doctor tomorrow to see if it was something to be concerned with.

I woke up this morning at 4:00 and he was at the foot of the bed, where he never sleeps. So I cuddled him up to me. He didn't seem to want that. That should have tipped me off that something was up, because Robbie worships me. But again I figured, "Oh, it's that leg, let me look at it in the morning and I'll put peroxide on it if it looks yucky."

This morning, he went potty, but he came in and sat down. No water, no food. If you remember, when he was sick in April, he did the same thing. Warning bells started going off in my head. I thought I would take a look at his gait and see what was going on, so I took him out with me. He did the run and sit, run and sit. Which is pretty much the universal, "Something is wrong" move. He started scooting. I've never owned a male dog before. I don't know what scooting signifies. All I knew was my son was NOT acting like he is supposed to act.

Brought him back in. He went for a drink of water.Chancey wandered in the living room. She smelled his hiney. And then looked at me with a disgusted look. So I figured he had a hanger-on--that makes sense for the run and sit, cause Chance does that (life is not easy when you lack a tail). I got me some paper towels and took a look.

He had a huge swollen area right under where his tail would be, if he had a tail. It was so huge and red, I thought it was a tumor that had ruptured, and started getting upset, because how could that happen to MY dog? I watch the twins for things like that, like I watch for coughing or the other things that happen to Schips. And I haven't had him long enough to feel, in my heart, that the love I've given him was given long enough to make up for his travels down the broken road. I know that's silly, but I worry about things like that. But my mom calmed me down, because she said tumors don't come up that quick, and they aren't as sore as his seemed to be, at least not until they are late-stage, and he probably didn't have butt cancer.

I got the appointment for him--I couldn't take him because I had to work--and mom took him. He had an infected anal gland. I am glad that I didn't go, because Mom said he screamed when the doctor touched it and I can't bear to hear my furbabies scream. She said it was so bad that he had to be put to sleep to get it cleaned out. And the vet cleaned his teeth. Great, they got him coming and going, LOL.

I feel relieved, but I still feel horrible. Even though I know I couldn't have seen this coming, part of me feels like I should have seen it sooner, or done something so it didn't happen. He was in pain all night at least. My poor widdle man. I feel wretched about it.

He is spending the night at the vets'. And I have to go get him tomorrow.

29 October 2008

An idea for a Christmas present

I don't know if this really counts as a present, but I had an idea.

I've been spending a lot of time lately pondering the blessings of my life and whether I am a good caretaker of those blessings. Sometimes, especially when I look at all my stash, I don't think I do the best job, because I really do have a lot. I know, stash is not the same as having a thousand pairs of designer shoes or 15 expensive purses, but . . . it's all relative.

My favorite human charity offers a gift catalog and one of the choices is to buy chicks for someone. When I checked, it was about $20 for 20 chicks that can grow and provide meat and eggs and income and . . . hope. When I look at that $20 spent on cross stitch, that doesn't buy much, but it gives someone the chance to better themselves. $20 for hope, or $20 for something that I may hang on the wall someday.

So this is my gift to myself as we enter the holiday season. I will not buy any stash. Not on Ebay, not on a sale list, not from a shop. Any shop. Even if they have a discount or a sale, or awesome freebies. And that is going to include buying any kind of supplies. I have floss and needles and fabrics, and UFOs and kits enough to keep me busy and out of the craft store. And, when I see something that I really really want, I will donate the price to a charity. The charts will still be around in January, as will the floss and fabric, if I still want them and I'll have something way better than a new stitching gadget.

Oops packs

Oops packs can be purchased here . You do have to do a control+F move for them, but they are there, and she had SUPERFAST shipping. I started buying them at the CATS shows a couple years ago, and they really are fun. WAY better than a chart grab bag. And Jo is really nice. I actually got introduced to her at last year's CATS by my friend, Chris. Apparently, a lot of people thought I was invisible, but now I've been introduced, and I am not.

I have yet to use these threads. But, I mean, with all the dyers who aren't in business, and how pretty the threads are, it's more fun to just have them and keep them, LOL. But they will be pretty in my Quaker Seasons. I am picking out what I want to use. And I may break down and mix silks and cottons. This is a huge step for me, LOL.

28 October 2008

A tale of two fibers

I came home last night to find my Oops packs had been delivered. Fantastic service from Dinky Dyes and it was great to see that so much had been crammed in that bag for $10. Probably 15 skeins of floss in each bag, and in some gorgeous colors. Since one was for my Secret Sister, I had Mom choose one and we put it away til Christmas. I spent a good time fingering it and planning what to do with it.

Then I pulled out Treaty fairy. She is almost finished, and is so pretty. However, (ain't there always a "however"?), because I followed the magazine instructions and stitched her with two strands of Kreinek, I don't have enough green braid. Crap crap crap crap! I can't go back and pick it all out and put it back in with one strand, and that irks me. Now I have to go pick up another package of the braid when I take my ornament over to my LNS on Friday to get it finished, and I won't get it all done in time to have her finished on Halloween, not with going over to Baltimore, then going up to SO's house and getting all the candy ready, and taking care of the boys--they have to have their playtime outside, and their dinner, and be inside and away before the kids start trick or treating, because they'll scare little kids (well, not so much the little kids, most little kids see a dog, and it's . . . a dog, and the boys aren't intimidating looking, unless wagging tails and kisses intimidate you, but adults see that they're pitty bulls and think they are savage killers), and the older kids in the neighborhood might mess with them, and that would upset me a great deal. But I'll figure it out. She'll get done. I guess it would have not irked me so much if, knowing they were putting in there to use two strands, the magazine had said we'd need two spools. Not every craft store carries Kreiniks. It's not a tiny thing to ask a person to purchase.

27 October 2008

A long weekend

We had the worst weekend. Both SO and I have been nose-sick for the better part of a week and a half, but SO got stomach sick yesterday. We were supposed to run into town to do some errands, and he got to playing around with my car and the boys--they're starting to recognize my car as "ooh, that's Rachel's car," but then their Daddy in it, and he honked the horn at them, and they were confused in their own special way, and then they were happy dancing because Daddy was playing with them, and he got sick. So I was off to run errands on my own--it's funny how men never seem to think that wrasseling a huge back of dog food when you're short is a big accomplishment, but the boys were suitably impressed when I returned home, and happy danced with me. But he was dog-sick. I didn't feel so hot either, and worried we had eaten something bad, but I feel better, and he was sick all afternoon, and into the evening. We both woke up at 4 AM and he was still sick, so I stayed up to rub his back til he fell asleep again.

We did have a bit of a horror movie marathon this weekend. We saw The Hills Have Eyes, The Birds, and The Shining. I liked everything but The Shining--Jack Nicholson went nutcakes just a little too quick in the movie, versus the book. I mean, come on, it didn't snow til December, he could have warded off cabin fever by going for a walk in the woods. Obviously, only that one murder had taken place, the other caretakers managed to find something to do to pass the time. And I wouldn't lock myself up in any kind of building with someone looking like Jack. I'm sorry, he is scary. The Hills Have Eyes is just another example of why you should never be condescending to locals when travelling. Or go travelling in the desert. Anywhere. Though I did think to myself, the whole incident could have been avoided had they just had OnStar. I just loved the Birds. SO watched it with me for a while, but it interfered with football, so the next time he got sick, he just watched it on the TV upstairs.

I finished my little Blackbird freebie sampler. It's really really pretty. I am pleased with it. I thought about starting "Autumn Leaves", but I want to get Halloween Fairy finished by Halloween, so I am working on that. It's going pretty quick now, just one pumpkin and some backstitching and the beading to do. I'm off on Halloween, so she should be finished by then. Then geisha is getting finished, so I get her framed for SO for Christmas.

We're trying to cut back on our spending, and I am supposed to be finishing all these WIPs and UFOs. SO has decided that we are not cutting the heat on unless we absolutely have to. I need to finish my Hummingbird Trellis afghan, so I can foresee long periods of winter afternoons spent under that afghan, keeping warm while stitching on it, LOL.

24 October 2008

Happy Dance with me

Longtime followers of this blog may remember how I misplaced my kitted up PS Autumn Winds. I had kitted it with Vikki Clayton silks, and I loved it, so this was a pretty worrisome loss for me. I figured I hadn't truly "lost" it, I figured I just stuck it in a box, and it would turn up.

Well, y'all, it did.

I was getting ready for bed last night, and I opened my painted chest of WIPs, and it was in there. I don't know how it got there. I have looked in that chest several times for it, and it was not there. I assure you, it was not in there. That was the first place I looked, and it was not there.

The twins were on the bed and they watched me Snoopy-style happy dance. I assure you, they were impressed. Jazz hands played a prominent role. I think a pas-de-chat occurred, perhaps a tour jete, I'm not sure. I was in a whir of cold-induced haze, joy that I had managed to fix my error of the previous evening, and incredulity that I had found this chart.

I'm cuddling it now. I may fondle silks at lunch.

I did break down and bought some Oops packs from Dinky Dyes. One is for my Secret Sister--I love grab bags, and these are so fun to open, such a nice mix of perles and silks and cottons. The threads I bought for myself are from the animals for my birthday; they apologized for not going all out and ordering from England, as is their usual way of purchasing my birthday presents, but they said times were hard on the boulevard, and the companion animal field is not a particularly lucrative one financially, so these were all they could get. Which is fine, I like em just fine. But I can't open them til my birthday. Lets see if I hold out that long.

23 October 2008

Cue the violins

I should know better than to try to stitch when I am taking cold medicine, right?

Especially one that is mostly alcohol, right?

Well, I didn't. And it bit me in the butt.

I was making such good progress on my freebie. I thought, "This is not so bad. I must be only moderately high, because I can do this." Then last night, when I was feeling moderately better, I sat down to watch Ghost Hunters and stitch, and realized I was off. I had counted wrong. FRACK FRACK FRACK! So I spent most of the show, which was a particularly good one, frogging. I was so mad at myself.

Maybe I should just put my stitching down til I feel better. I do feel scads better this morning. I am not saying the Nyquil helped that much. It at least didn't help me sleep any better, because it took a while for me to fall asleep last night, but this cold doesn't seem to be lasting as heinously long for me as some of my other colds. I certainly don't think I got it as bad as SO had it--he looked like death warmed over whereas I just look like I had a really fun night at the bar.

22 October 2008

She's alive

I am sick. I did come down with this cold. It's the first bad cold I've had in a year, so I am trying to be patient with myself. But I had to go home from work yesterday, it was that bad. I really couldn't dispense underwriting assistance when it felt like my brain was full of mashed potatoes.

I tried to relax, I seriously did. I draped myself over the couch with the dog and tried to watch TV, but that didn't work, so I crawled into bed. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up, all the male pets in the house were cuddled up next to me, acting in their best nursing capacity. Methinks Robbie is a student nurse as he kept trying to lick my mouth, when I needed that to breathe out of, LOL. His brothers were all snuggly; I read somewhere that cats don't retain body heat, so they need to stay in warm places, hence their wierd fascination with sunbeams, so they were probably attracted to my feverish self.

I did start feeling a tad bit better after I took some Dayquil. I still don't look like one of their spokespeople. I don't think I am in any condition to conduct high end contract negotiations, or go jogging around a lake, but I am pretty sure I'll live.

20 October 2008

I am getting sick

I have that full throat, sinuses starting to congest, slightly woozy and crabby feeling. And I am coughing. This is not looking promising. But it's OK. I'll just take some vitamin C or something. As long as I don't lose my voice, I'll be OK.

I tried to work last night on my projects, but it just wasn't happening. Too much good stuff was on TV, and SO was upset about the Cowboys losing. I would hate to think he is going to stop being a fan over this . . .

19 October 2008

In quarantine

SO is sick. I think he has the flu, or else some equine-related, mosquito-borne tropic disease. I think I am coming down with it. Unless my nose is running because it's flipping FREEZING here. It was 31 degrees when I got in the car this morning; Trouble was covered in frost. I put the pittybulls out to go play, so SO didn't have to get up and do it--he seemed to be doing better and I want him to stay in bed--and they gave me such a look, like, "Can we at least have a cookie so the chewing warms us up a bit? Is that too much?" So I gave them each one. Don't tell SO, k? They are so getting sweaters for Christmas.

I am almost finished with my pretty little freebie. I was stitching it watching Hope Floats, which has been on E! a lot lately. I really like that movie; at one point I had the cassette, but that probably went away when I stopped owning cars with cassette players. Anyway, it was a good stitching movie, cause you didn't have to actually pay attention to see what was happening. I am trying to figure out what to do with it, whether to get a frame or make a wallhanging of it.

17 October 2008

Crazyville is being renovated

Like all renovation projects, this started out with good intentions. I just wanted a seasonal template now that it's cold as anything outside, and I can't wear flip flops. Now we are going to have to do a major renovation. I lost all my links, including my list of projects I did this year. DAMN DAMN DAMN. Sorry to curse; it's pretty much par for my day. I'll just let that go for this year. CRAP CRAP CRAP.

If your blog isn't on my list yet, I am working on it. I am sorry.

Friday Foolishness and other random stitchy thoughts

The Halloween edition:

I've been following this blog for a few years, at least at Halloween. I think it's pretty cool. It's fun to remember some of the vintage things he talks about. There is some language involved, on occasion, but still it's a pretty fun read.

I started my Secret Santa shopping, at least in regards to my stitching SS. My partner wanted some fabric for a chart she is doing, so I sent her a gift card to pick out whatever she wants. I can't pick fabric for other people. I've realized that, just like it's hard for them to pick for me. I hope she enjoys it.

I came to the sad realization last night that I really truly could stitch on just my UFOs and WIPs for a year. And I would probably not even finish a quarter of them. I have Treaty the fairy in the car now to work on at SOs. (she is the only stash in the car, other than my way cool stitching bag that Mom bought me at Michaels, of which I am very proud of myself. I am trying to keep the car detritus-free, so as to retain the new car smell longer) So why do I keep buying, and I mean that in a general sense, I am being good about buyine new stash. I guess because part of my greedy acquisitive soul worries I will miss out on something and regret it? Like I regret never being able to purchase all those wonderful kits that used to take up 3 aisles at MJDesigns (Michaels bought them out right after I graduated from college, they were an awesome store). I know, that's silly, because I do have enough stuff that I like as much as anything I give up, LOL. The question is, how do I tackle all those UFOs and WIPs? I keep picking them up and puttin em down. My beautiful Stunning irises is on a lap frame, not very convenient for travel, but I want that done. Geisha needs to be done for SO. That may end up being his Christmas present. I don't know. Maybe if I can find a decent standard frame and just have my LNS mount it?

16 October 2008

Woo hoo!

I had time last night to flip through the latest issue of The Gift of Stitching. I've been falling behind in reading it lately (I been a little busy, ya know). So I was DELIGHTED to see a design in there from one of my new favorite designers, West Wind Designs . I have probably 6 of her charts, all bought on Ebay from her. I think they are so cute. But I thought her design in TGOSM was really pretty.

Of course I am lacking a skein of Grecian Gold in my stash. I guess I am going to have to buy that. Online, so I am not tempted to buy anything else.

I wonder if there is a way, other than E-bay or a stash sale, to sell all my extra charts. I gave a lot away at Sue Hillis', but there is still a lot there. I almost want to just sell them as a lot, to get them out of the house. Maybe Craigslist, but I don't know. I hear too many horror stories about where people want to meet. Maybe Oldstitch . . .

15 October 2008

Fun with monochromatic samplers

I am working on that freebie sampler. It's coming together really nicely. I love the color I chose, a steely grey blue. I think it works so well with this chart. I was watching SVU last night, enjoying stitching. Much easier to just make little xs with plain cotton floss than to do the fancy work with the metallics from my ornament exchange piece. I do hope my partner likes it.

My HalloFall exchange partner liked her goodies. She said getting the things out of the pumpkin trick or treat bag was like the scene in Mary Poppins where she pulls things out of the satchel. I am so glad she liked my little box. I know I have some room for improvement on that, but I did try, and I do like how it looked for a first-time try. I think putting the batting on top of the foamcore really helped a great deal to make it look nicer. I need to work on my twisted cording, but it was a good start, and I'll learn. I hope she wears her kick-butt tee shirt. We all need an article of clothing that blinks!

I bought the fabric to start that piece for Mom from Victoria Sampler. I think it's called Strawberry Farm or something like that. The chart called for Olive Green linen, but comparing the chart photo to the fabric, it didn't look right, so I picked a blue color. I figured that made sense--after all, it's usually sunny with blue skies when you go strawberry picking, right? And I don't need the whole cut of fabric for this project, so I can use it on another project!

Has anyone else noticed major mistakes in the JCS Ornament issue? I normally do not complain about these things, but I was working on my ornament and it called for the ray stitch. Y'all, I have been stitching since 1988, full on 2/3 of my life, and I have NEVER seen that stitch before. Not in cross stitch, at least. I am sure it's not one of the commoner stitches. So, I thought it would be in the back with the stitch diagrams. It was not there. They had variations of it, but not it. The variations were useless because they were over 8 threads, and I needed over 4. I was so upset, because I want to do the ornament the way it was designed to be, and, if it's not there, how can I? I had to search back through my collection of old issues to the 2002 issue to find it. SO ANNOYING. And there was a note that said, "Refer to finishing instructions on page ???." (shaking head). Ummm, what page is that after? !!!? &&&? Give me a hint here? I know Sue Hillis' ornament was altered in some way. Some one said recipes were missing.

On the subject of the recipes: How many recipes for sugar cookies does one really need? There were 2 or 3 in there this year. I forget that not everyone purchases their sugar cookies in a roll from the refrigerated section, but seriously? As well as several for pumpkin cake. These are not recipes that lend themselves to variation to retain their true nature, ya know? And really not many recipes for something you could eat as a main course or a side. I was pleased to see a recipe for margaritas from Glory*bee. I think it was her. I don't drink that particular beverage, but I appreciate having something a little different. I personally would be sharing a recipe for a food dish--someone in 98 did mashed potatoes that were awesome--those were my New Year's food in 2002.

There are a lot of really cute ornaments in there, though. I really liked looking through it.

14 October 2008

I'm b-a-a-a-ck

I will have photos this weekend. We were so tired (but in a good way) when we got back, we didn't upload them. I cried when we were packing up to go home. Assateague and Chincoteague are, and I realize this could show a narrow world view, among my two favorite places on planet Earth. I always feel like I've come "home" when I get there, because it centers me, and I hate to leave. Because I worry I won't get back, and I draw so much . . . hope . . . from there. It's a magic place; otherwise, how could a place with tiny fairy deer and wild ponies from Spanish galleons with maps of America imprinted on their sides exist in this world, and it would be a terrible shame if I never got back.

It was very soothing time, cool nights, warm days. We didn't even get to Ocean City for the car show; SO was so happy just relaxing, with our major issue being cooking. Very nice to spend the evenings just watching the stars, and listening to the waves, without a care about time. And talking, we are so busy usually with the everyday, gotta worry issues that we sometimes don't talk, and we did this weekend. It was very romantic in that regard and I feel like we moved closer. So it's no wonder that SO is talking about selling his racecar and buying a camper. I can go with that.

I got a lot of inspiration for dying thread this weekend from the surroundings. We picked up some shells on the beach, and it was a marvel to look at the way the colors blended so beautifully. It's funny how, in nature, nothing ever sticks out flamboyantly without reason. The greens and grey-blues of the vegetation against the cream of the sand. Here and there a dab of yellow. How the sunset combines grey and purple, and pale blue, and orange and, even though that sounds horrible together, it was amazing. Sun-mellowed red brick against the last of summer's green, even how the colors of the ponies melded with the landscape, even when they were white. It all works. That's something I needed to see to make my dyeing skills better; I worry and agonize that it has to be "perfect", but, in nature, perfect is flexible, perfect isn't planned, and perfect happens out of the organic. There is beauty in the spontaneous. That's something I need to remember.

It's kind of hard to explain, but you can not get from the Maryland part of Assateague to the Virginia (and Chincoteague) side, where all the tourist stuff is, by driving down the island. We had to drive 50 miles on the mainland to get there, but it was worth it. We climbed Assateague light, it was SO's first time going up in a lighthouse, and he was so happy. I, on the other hand, thought I was seriously going to die on the way up. It was 175 steps with landings every 25 steps (they tell you this to give you hope, but seriously, by the 150th step, it don't matter, you just concede to your broken spirit that, indeed, you will spend the rest of your life climbing in a circle, but, fortunately, that life won't be long if your heart and lungs continue on their projected path of bursting), and the view from the top was pretty awesome. SO was walking around the perimeter of the lantern room, but I stayed still; I was a little dizzy. It was nice to look out over the island. The guide explained that in winter, thousands of snow geese cover a pond nearby, and that the light from the lens can be seen 22 miles out to sea. You could see forever. Just gorgeous, especially since the trees are starting to change color. Going down was way easier, but there were SCADS of mosquitoes. SO had one on his face, and I had to slap him to kill it. We bought an ornament to celebrate the climb and then had a good lunch in Chincoteague. You can't go to the coast and not eat seafood, so we sat in a dockside bar (there aren't a lot of restaurants open on the island after Labor Day) that served potato skins loaded with crab, shrimp and scallops, topped with cheese. OH MAN WAS THAT GOOD. Eagles were flying around in the channel. It was pretty cool.

I didn't get a lot of stitching done. Really not much of anything. I had my exchange partner's ornament to work on, but I was worried it would get dirty, so held off on that. I finished it this morning. It's really pretty. Now to get it to the finisher, and have it in the mail. I am taking a break from my geisha for a couple weeks. I have to finish Trick or Treat fairy by the end of the month. She's almost done anyway, but almost ain't is. The geisha can wait, she's not got a lot left to do. But I wanted something small and simple to work on for a few days, so I pulled an old freebie from Blackbird designs and started that this morning. It's a monochromatic sampler, which I am doing in Crescent Colors' Blacksmith Blue on 32 count creamy beige fabric. It's pretty. It shouldn't take too long.

I needed this weekend. I didn't realize how much til I wrote this. This is more proof it's my magic place. I hope you get a chance to go there. It will truly change your perspective

09 October 2008

To the Sea

I am off to the sea tomorrow morning, going camping at the beach. They are calling for wonderful weather--highs in the 70s, no rain, not that cold at night. I am so glad that I didn't go with the hotel, like I had originally planned. We get two nights' stay for the price of one night at the hotel. Plus we'll be close to the beach, and I think it will be soothing to hear that very close--we water signs seek water as a place of renewal.

I don't think we'll be shopping much while we are out and about, but I do want to show SO Pony Ranch, which my 4-H club helped save in the early 1990s. I still hope it's there. They removed the statue of Misty of Chincoteague, apparently, but hopefully the land is still there.

I'm putting the geisha down for the weekend to work on my ornie exchange partner's ornie. I switched the colors out a little to be more wintry, and I like them. She doesn't like red, so this should be lovely. It feels very wintry to me.

08 October 2008

I cancelled my SNN subscription

I've been toying with the idea for a few weeks. I've been getting them since 2005, and I think I have maybe finished 4. That's 32 kits sitting around this house, and I maybe want to stitch 15 of them. That leaves 17 kits (at a total of $297.50--paid in cash, thank GOD) that I have and don't really want, and mostly can't find, and I could have had that money to pay for something else, even other stash to do stuff I really want to finish. I could kick myself. If I find them, I am getting rid of them. Even if I have sell at a loss.

I like the idea of the kits. They're cute. I've learned a lot about using specialty fibers by doing them. But sometimes that's not enough. When I started getting them, gas was $1 a gallon cheaper, my car was cheaper, and I wasn't trying to get out of debt. Now it costs $38 to fill the tank, I have a higher carpayment, and I'm tired of being in debt.

I am seriously trying to cut back on spending. I find I enjoy playing with my cart on 123 better than getting the stuff. Maybe the anticipation. Is that nuts? I used to order from Needlecraft Corner every month. I cut back there; I haven't ordered from her since June, I think? I did go a little overboard at the LNS around fair time, but I'm gonna slip. I'm human.

I am trying to look at losing my car and buying the new one as a wake-up call and a chance to start fresh and better. It has to be. I had already started seriously working to pay down my debt, but this is more of a push. I got enough of a settlement to pay off one credit card (no more drooling over the Kitchen-Aid mixers at Lowes, sigh). I don't have a car payment for 45 days, so I can take the money I would have paid on the Neon this month and put it towards the next smallest CC. I plan on taking the extra money I saved by switching my car out, along with a rebate I get from another CC for buying a car (whoda thunk: save money by going into debt) and paying off the card I put the Neon payment on. It seems do-able. It seems reasonable. Then I can start putting big payments on the Vibe and get that paid off early.

07 October 2008

I need a pat on the back . . . and a round of applause

and a standing O.

I was on 123, looking at fabric to buy for stuff in my stash. I kept putting extra stuff in my cart that I don't need. I realized I was doing it, and stopped. I'll go back in a week, and I won't get it. But I can make a list of what I want and maybe the cats can get it for me my birthday.

I did get the ornament issue from JCS. I think there are a lot more ornaments this year that I can say, 'Yeah, I'll stitch that.' than previous years. My favorite, as of right now, is Walt the Malt. He's so cute. I think I have all the threads to stitch him. But I don't have the buttons. I also like Charlotte's Web's ornament, a simple Christmas design with specialty stitches. I like doing specialty stitches. I like it a lot.

I am almost done with the yellow stitching on the geisha. I managed to join up sections this morning before work, and they fit together. That is always such a good feeling. I'm always so worried that I messed up and haven't figured it out til i get to that point. But it all looks good. At least so far. I think I should be able to finish her skirt by next week. I'm off on Friday and Monday for my vacation, and super-excited.

06 October 2008

Another finish

It was not the best weekend for me, stitching wise.

Saturday, I put Trouble (the new car) through her highway paces, taking her up to Pennsylvania. It was a pleasant trip, even though we didn't go for the nicest reason. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my gramma's death, and three days from tomorrow is her birthday, so we took her pansies, her favorite flower. I was so happy that Lowe's had pansies--they usually don't and it's kind of a pain to keep pansies fresh in the car for 200 miles--and they were pretty. We got two big planters of them for her. I was annoyed at the cemetary staff because they removed the mum I bought for her on Labor Day. That was just a month ago. It shouldn't have been dead, because I bought the one next to it at the store and that's still alive. But she ended up being one of the only ones with flowers in the whole cemetary.

I finished Stitchy Acres. I don't know what I'll do with it. Seriously, I don't. I won't finish it like the store did. That is money I can't afford. Well, don't want to afford. I worked on Elegance of the Orient yesterday. I tell you, I am fed up with working on her underskirt. Even wearing my glasses, I can't see the difference between the colors in the shading. I went and did some half stitching to break up the monotony. I am kinda ready for this to be finished. There are so many other things I need to work on. SO thinks she is beautiful, so I think I am going to end up giving her to him for his office.

03 October 2008

By the way . . .

I just wanted to thank everyone for being so nice over the last two weeks. I really appreciate it. I realized just now I'd missed out reading all your lovely blogs because I was in the land of the righteously miserable. And I was not following my "I will be happy" rule. I've lost 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks from being so upset. I was just reading some blogs, happy to see what y'all have been doing. I missed you. I'll be OK now. My car is in my name, the rental car was returned without a hitch, I'm almost done my SNN project, and I have a good excuse to go get that skein of floss I need tonight--my kitties need food, and the car, who has been named Trouble, needs to get familiar with the parking lot at Michaels.

But I thought I would let everyone know how much I appreciate you. And I really did realize, I have a serious problem getting stuck in cars! LOL. Perhaps it's good I lost that much weight. That could have been serious.

Car pics

I picked up my baby at lunch yesterday. Isn't she adorable? My coworker, Karen (AKA Queen of the booty shot) wanted to take some photos of it. She's jealous, but in a good way, LOL. We took a couple in the garage, but the light was not good.

I do have to tell you, these were not easy shots to take. "The girls" didn't fit easily through the roof, LOL. I had to shimmy back down through, LOL. Coworker was LAUGHING at me, stuck in that roof. And I did take my shoes off to stand on the seat.

I worked last night at the theatre. I asked my supervisor for some extra hours, just so that I can keep paying ahead on my bills. He asked me to work the subscriptions table, so I was there til 10PM. Our current show is not selling that well (it is the most horrible play I have ever seen, just god-awful, and I should have been able to put the time I spent in the theatre seeing it on my timecard because it was NOT pleasurable--it was work), so I had time, but I spent that on the phone with my car insurance, getting the insurance transferred over to the new car. But after the show was open, I stitched on Stitchy Acres. (I'll try to get photos)

I really really like this project. It's not intricately shaded. Even though it's all kind of specialty threads, they're easy to work with, so I am enjoying it. But I wante to get it done before the next one gets here. I made good progress. And I got paid to stitch.

After I got home last night (and took my mom for the obligatory spin around the freeway), I pulled out one of the charts I want to stitch for her. Imagine how delighted I was to find that, for once, I had ALL the threads I needed to start it. And I probably have the fabric too, just have to find it. I don't have the fabric for the Victoria Sampler one I wanted to do, have to order that, but I've, um, spent a lot of money this payperiod :), so that will have to wait a bit.

02 October 2008

I'm rolling again

Or at least I will be in 3 hours!

Shortly after I posted here, I made the decision to go to the car dealer and see what they had. And what they could do for me. I was a little dubious, but my visit just showed you can't depend on the news. Because I am going back today to finalize the paperwork on a 2009 Pontiac Vibe, fully loaded with a sunroof (I point this out because that was the one thing I didn't have on the Neon that I adored and I think she would have wanted me to have a sunroof in her memory). Of course it is black. I have a thing for black cars, always had. I think I got a good deal. The bottom line of a car deal to me is do I walk out satisfied. I saved $2000 off the price of the car thanks to being a GM employee (I know they were running an incentive program that everyone was a GM employee, but I got extra, plus I got special financing, for actually REALLY being a documented GM employee--gotta love global corporate diversification) and, with my down payment, it's at a nice payment that I can afford. And it's a very cute car. Good on gas. It got good reviews. They just got it in--it smelled like a new car, another thing the Neon never smelled like (it was new, it just had different material on the seats, that smelled different, not "new." SO should fit in it--he didn't come along with me to look, but he'll fit in the car, and if he doesn't, we'll just open the sunroof, LOL. The dogs will fit in it. And the interior is dark to minimize dog hair. Oh, and did I mention I did this all in 15 minutes? And I will not deal with a bank again, at least not like I did. There was an article on Yahoo that said new car sales fell, but the car companies had plenty money to loan. It's a little scary, but in a good way, to start over, but I have faith that things will correct themselves. I am just gonna keep on my road to getting out of debt, but I'll be going down that road in style.

I was too excited last night to stitch. So I fondled instead. Mom has all these things she would like me to stitch for her, so I was trying to figure out which of those to do. She's got a couple Victoria Samplers, and some really cute Poppy Kreations. I think I may do the Poppy for her first. I think.

01 October 2008

had a vacation day yesterday

I took yesterday off to go finalize everything on totalling out the car. It wasn't a bad meeting with the adjuster. I found out that I have to keep my insurance going, even if I don't have a car, which I do not have yet, and which is making me really mad. I mean seriously, really mad. I don't enjoy the buying process on a good day, and I work all the time, I don't have time to look. I am still very upset over the comment last week about my two jobs showing I couldn't pay my bills with the one job. SO found a car in my price range, but my mom doesn't "approve" of it. She found another Neon sitting by the side of the road, priced to sell, and wants me to buy that, even though it's always been, "Don't buy cars sitting on the side of the road," despite the fact that SO didn't like riding in mine because he is so tall and the Neon is not built for a tall person. And I am stuck in the middle, trying to figure out how to not piss off either one of them, and I just want to throw up. And I guess, too, I haven't accepted that my car is gone. All I really want is my Neon back and I am pissed that I can't have it. None of which is good.

But I did manage to get the rest of the stuff for my HalloFall exchange partner. I went to my LNS to pick up my issue of the JCS ornament magazine and bought her two skeins of floss. Then went to Walmart and got her a little trick or treat bag, some Halloween Snoopy socks, a little decoration, and a Halloween tee shirt that lights up and has a black cat on it. She's in England, so I wasn't sure what they have over there that is Halloween-y, but I figured that this would give her a pretty good example of an American Halloween.
I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls