26 February 2014

Sometimes the guilt takes over

I admire people who have the willpower to stitch one project at a time. I don't.  Part of it is because I could only stitch one project at a time as a child, but I think I just lack whatever it takes to commit to one piece and finish it. This is why I read 4 or 5 books at a time, I think. I just can't focus. Every so often, I tell myself that I am going to work to finish my WIPs and it NEVER happens. EVER. I just seem to keep adding to them.

Anyway, I pulled out Hummingbird Trellis afghan this week. I haven't worked on it . . . ohh, probably since our wedding, if that recently. But I thought I'd sit and try to do some of it this week.  I've made some progress, the two roses weren't completely finished when I picked it up and they're done and I've started on a third, and I'm filling in the endless shades of green. I do love this design, as I do love most SCs.  I just sometimes wonder if it's ever possible for me to finish it. I mean, it's been 8 or 9 years since I started working on it and I have 4 squares done, because life happens . . . and life is going to continue to happen. And I know myself well enough to know I can not sit and commit to only this, not if it takes 5 years to do. Not when I have at least 5 other substantial projects to do. But at this rate, it will be 30 years for me to finish it and that's no better.

I'm sure some of my malaise is based on being sick. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sunday night, I came home from work and pretty much collapsed into bed. As I was lying there, I heard Someone Small say to her dad that "Mommy go ni-ni" and I felt wretched because I wanted to play with her, but I didn't feel well. Monday, we went out to dinner, which was ruined by a headache, and I came home and collapsed into bed again. Last night, we managed to get a little bit of play in before bed, but I was still asleep by 9. I think I have a sinus infection, since I have a lot of the symptoms, but I don't have a doctor to call about calling in a prescription, so I'll be at Urgent Care tonight, trying to get some relief. This winter has been rotten enough without being constantly ill. 

24 February 2014

A little finish

It does me no good to try and develop a plan for attacking my stitching projects. I make plans and then promptly abandon them.  I had all these plans for finishing a throw I started on New Years, promptly christened the Isis Afghan, because I was working on it during Downton Abbey, then put it aside for little charts like this one.

I finished another of the LHN Ornament series. This is Baked Goods, from the 2011 set. It's not one of my favorites, but it was a quick stitch. I think it's not one of the ones I like because the colors are so drab, and it didn't help that I ordered the floss online and the Gentle Art Mulberry I got was more rusty than Christmas-y red. This is on a scrap of ecru aida I got at the thrift store in a grab bag, and I didn't realize til I had started on it that the previous owner must have kept it in a sunny place because part of it is a little bleached. I kept going, though.  You really have to look at it to know it's there and this is just something for me. I'm going to try to use my sewing machine to make it into an ornament. One of these days .  .  .

03 February 2014

Heard about an interesting project

Two of the ladies in my stitching group are stitching for this project.

We had our monthly stitching group yesterday. The local LNS also had a Superbowl sale, but I just got my 123 order and I was again sorting through charts, so I decided not to go. Apparently, it was a zoo for those who went, so it's better I didn't go.

I saw this stitching. The plan is to stitch the entire Torah--the first 5 books of the Old Testament, I asked. This sounds like a massive undertaking. Not to mention, how heavy they are going to be, but it's pretty awesome to think about. I'm thinking about requesting a block, but there is a charge involved and not sure about the time commitment.

I spent the last two weeks stitching Lizzie Kate freebies. I have had these for several years, they came from the files of the Lizzie*Kate Yahoo group.

Joy to the World:

Stitched on Heatherfield with DMC flosses.
Bee My Friend

Stitched on a random scrap of yellow evenweave with DMC flosses
Slight customization of the tulip

These were pretty fun to do. Not terribly difficult, except that Heatherfield was killer on my hands. Now that the temps have started to come up a little (disregarding today, cause it's snowing here), they're not as chapped. Is spring here yet?
This is my new little WIP. It's another freebie from Cute Silver Dwarf's blog.  I started it Saturday night, with the recommended DMC, on a piece of PTP Fathom I had in the closet. Because it's so much black, I thought it would be easier to outline the big areas, not count as I go.  It's pretty fun to stitch 
I have no idea what I'll do with any of this. Maybe do a pillow out of the sheep, and a little ornament for the bee one. It will just be what strikes my fancy when I get to that point. 
I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls