11 December 2012

Desperately Seeking Stitching

The ornament I stitched for Rossana has gone AWOL. I mailed it on November 13th and it has not gotten to her yet.  This has never happened with me, and I always choose ornament exchange partners outside the US.  The organizer said to give it some more time, but I feel like throwing up. It makes me sick to think that my ornament is out floating in the void, somewhere, when I tried so hard to make a pretty thing for her.  And that she won't have a pretty for her Christmas tree--arrghhh.  And of course it does pop into my head, when will I have time to stitch a replacement--other than that, I managed to finish one other small chart since November 1st, I'm just too busy with everything else.



Rita said...

I'm so sorry it's gone missing...and hope it turns up. You probably feel worse about it than Ross does.

Annie said...

I hate when this happens. But sometimes international mail can take a really long time. Don't give up hope yet. Lots of things can interrupt the flow from here to there. And if you have to send a replacement later, your partner will understand and love it just the same.

stitcheranon said...

I agree: leave it a little longer. My post is way behind. I keep expecting things and they dont turn up but I know they been sent. Give to the end of the week and if it still doesnt turn up send a piccie of what it was and ask for a little time for a replacement xxx

Vicky said...

I would leave it another week, I once had a parcel take a month from Australia to Canada :)

Astrid's dragon said...

No way! It's bad enough to lose things in the mail, but when it's something you've taking the time to make, arggg! But you never know, it could show up. (fingers crossed)

mbroider said...


Do not worry. International shipping takes time, and more often than not brings in delays especially when you are the sender (i faced it for the bookmark exchange that was organised in one of the forums) - Murphy and his law want their share of Christmas

I know it will give you some frustration, but wait for some more time my dear. Mine reached Canada, though very LATE.


pandy said...

I think the worst when that happens is I start thinking they'll think I'm a flake and didn't actually make anything! It really does make you feel sick.

I hope it shows up to Ross soon! :)

Carol said...

It still may arrive, Rachel--it once took two months for a package to arrive from Spain!! Hang in there :)

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