15 January 2013

2012 finishes

I forgot to do this before the New Year turned. I managed to get 30 finishes last year. Most before the baby came. Babygirl will only be small so long and I would rather, when she remembers her small childhood, that she says, "My mother read me stories, even though I didn't understand what was going on, she acted them out for me," and "I remember her dancing with me in the living room in the evenings, and smiling at me,"  not, "I sat and watched my mom cross stitch." I can focus on that when she gets a little older. Maybe we can craft together, since I am still planning on finishing things and have a bunch of pretty craft ideas pinned to my Pinterest.

Anyway, here's the list:

5 November--cat freebie

1 September-Thomas-Kitty and Me

8 August-Spooky-Kitty and Me

2 August-August Itty Bitty Kitty Quilt--Val's Stuff

21 July--Bunnies-- Prairie Schooler

19 July--July Itty Bitty Kitty Quilt-- Val's Stuff

1 July--freebie--Jean Farish

15 June--Sharing the S--Sanman

4 June--June Itty Bitty Kitty Quilt--Val's Stuff

3 June--SNN kit-June 2008--UFO since 2008

28 May-Ice Dragon's Kingdom--Dragon Dreams--UFO since 2010

20 May--October floss tag--Heart's Content

17 May-The Rabbit Alphabet-JBW Designs

11 May--May Itty Bitty Kitty Quilt--Val's Stuff

9 May--Just a Little Flaky--Val's Stuff--JCS 2011

8 April--Merry Christmas--CCN--JCS 2011

7 April--April Itty Bitty Kitty Quilt--Val's Stuff

4 April--Hearts of America--Little House Needleworks-UFO since 2008

13 March--Star of Wonder--Fine-ally Finished-2011 JCS

10 March-Carrot Patch-Cosmic Handmade

4 March-March Square--Itty Bitty Kitty Quilt-Val's Stuff

18 February--Half Hour ornament--Lizzie*Kate--JCS 2011

15 February-Winter Forest-Little House Needleworks

11 February--Trim The Tree-Debbee's Designs-JCS 2011

3 February-February Square--Itty Bitty Kitty Quilt-Val's Stuff

29 January-Love and Joy-JBW Designs--JCS 2011

28 January--Fresh Fallen Snow--Little House Needleworks--JCS 2011

19 January--Spring Has Sprung--Brightneedle--UFO since ?

17 January-Yuletide--Plum Street Sampler-JCS 2011

14 January--Lucky Dog-JAB Co-UFO since 2008?

7 January-SNN kit--January 2006--UFO since 2006.

2 January--January square-Itty Bitty Kitty quilt-Val's Stuff.

I won't be mad if my 2013 list isn't as long. My photo albums are getting full.


April said...

Wow great list!! I hope I can just start stitching that many!! lol

Candi said...

Wow!! That is a long list. I hope I can get that much done this year. Good luck to you as well.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls