05 July 2013

A year has passed, 12 months of fun

We celebrated Someone Small's birthday last weekend. A year ago, she looked like this, poor little scrap of person, all yellow and little. What a difference a year has made.
Beazer dressed up for his sister. He says, "Only fors today, and only because she is my sister." I have to say, he looks astonishingly good in hot pink.

She shared her smash cake with her big cousin. They are best buddies.  He is the same nephew who, when asked what he would teach the new baby, said, "I'm not teaching Baby H anything", but oh, how he's changed. He would have made an awesome big brother, but he's the youngest, so he gets to be the big cousin. Kaydence is so blessed.

She didn't go all out on her cake. She is very dainty, she just tasted icing.  And she got overwhelmed with the sticky and started flinging cake and icing. Left-brain was noticeably twitching, and ran her back to our bathroom for a hose-off.

The pretty guest cake (cause who wants to eat a cake after little hands have gone to town?). I was very happy with it. It was made by a local bakery, who I can highly recommend for anyone in this area.They had a small picture to work with to do the puppy, but still did a good job. And it tasted so good--almond cake with cannoli cream filling!  They were a little expensive, but it made me feel like a rich woman to be able to provide this lovely cake.

Beazer got some, too. It's some tradition in Left-brain's family. Poor old guy.  Though he was a bit livelier for a few hours.

This was for her pinata. Because it's not a children's party if at least one of the activities doesn't put someone at serious risk of an ER trip.

She helped her big cousin take a whack. 

And proudly showed off the spoils. 

And then engaged in a chase around the yard with her aunt. That flash of orange in her left hand? It's a gumball. She picked it up and would not put it down.  Even in the chase. Even when she fell. She loved it. She was COMMITTED to it.

Needless to say, we all took a good long nap on Sunday. Our AC broke during the party, but we didn't notice til Sunday. Now that is a party! Left-brain fixed it, by calling on his vast circle of friends in "the trades". And believe me, that makes me happy.

It's been a year that has not been the easiest for our little family. Financially, we've had some really hard blows, that have turned into lessons for good. I always thought I didn't need to shop at thrift stores or the lower price grocery stores, and now I see I was just throwing money away; the stuff is just as good and less expensive. I learned about the library; we go there all the time now and I love it. I've learned to set pride aside, set my wants aside, and learn what is really important. And I've learned, much to my benefit, to be grateful for the kindness people show. I am so lucky that so many people care about my daughter, whether it was a small gift of socks or a book for her, or gift cards that came in handy when funds were tight, or even asking me about her and indulging a proud mama for a second. I hope to teach her to care about others and share when she can, because others cared about her. Our little party was my chance to, in a small way, thank the ones closest to us for what they gave us--love and help--but it's not the end of my appreciation. Or Kaydence's.


Annie said...

What a great party and wonderful writeup. Kaydence looks so cute in her party dress! Great set of memories forever.

wilma b said...

Absolutely adorable pictures! She's such a little sweetheart.

My DIL makes cupcakes for the littles' birthdays...they get their own to 'smash', and everyone is happy, LOL

Rita said...

Happy birthday, Kaydence!

It hardly seems possible that she's a year old already.

stitcheranon said...

Important lessons indeed: and all because of the arrival of your gorgeous daughter. A lovely post and I am so glad you are enjoying being a doesnt seem five minutes ago you were pregnant! Time flies: enjoy each and every moment with her xx

lynda said...

Wow...that year sure flew by! Kaydence is a beautiful little girl...she looks like she was having so much fun on her special day.

sharine said...

Happy Birthday cutie:)

Suzanne said...

You have a beautiful family Rachel. You are blessed!


Ames said...

Thanks for sharing Kaydence's 1sr birthday! SHe is such a sweet wee girl.

I LIKE the blurb by Frederick Perls at the bottom of the page. Something I wish I had realized as I grew up. I guess it's never too late to change!

Kim said...

What a difference a year makes! She is a cutie pie and looks like she had a fun time. Love her dress too.

Carol said... quickly this year has passed. Wishing your sweet girl a most ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday ♫♪♫!!

Pumpkin said...

Isn't it exciting???? I'm glad you got to experience the first birthday too :o) Happy Birthday Kaydance! You'll be two in no time. LOL!

It's amazing how your priority changes for these little people but they are SO worth it :o)

Stitchinowl said...

Wow, how time flies! Happy Birthday to Kaydence! She is so pretty and I love her party dress! Glad you all had a great time.

riona said...

Great to see the new photos ... she is a beautiful little girl ... and looks to be full of fun and energy.
Enjoy, they grow up so very quickly.

Meari said...

It's been great fun watching her grow during this past year. The party sounds like it was a lot of fun. And that guest cake is so adorable!!

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls