06 December 2008

Can it really truly be?

I have pictures. They're not the best, because I am still working on learning how to size photos and get them from camera to PC (I'm slow about these things), but these are some things I been working on.

There is a lot more finished on my geisha, LOL.

The kitty box went to England two months ago. My partner liked it. I liked it. I think these Dress It Up buttons are a great buy, as long as you can alter them to fit fabric. SO cut the shank off and drilled two holes through the button to attach it. I like it better than the spider on the original, don't you.

The snowman guy, I'll be making an ornament out. Now that I have all my finishing fabric here, this is easier.

I will try to post photos of my stitching room for you to see. Right now, I'm going to work out and then start dinner. We tried to go see the illumination on Antietam National Battlefield, in Sharpsburg, MD. But it was snowing and the roads were slick. They'll probably hopefully redo it next week. I can't see that anyone got there. It took us 45 minutes to go 15 miles. There were three MAJOR accidents, on bridges on the way. There are a lot of bridges on the way to Sharpsburg, so we came home. NOT COOL.


Daffycat said...

I was so pleased to see some photos on your blog! Yay! Lovely projects. The kitty box is darling! Clever to alter the button!

Geri said...

I love to cross stitch too! It's addicting (and so is blogging)!

Pumpkin said...

Your geisha is amazing!!!! You must almost be done :o)

The frog button is a really cute idea! I agree, those are great buttons.

Is that Quaker snowman a freebie? I'm trying to remember where this was from.

We've got snow now so the roads will be slick tonight :o(

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