19 May 2009

Found a great blog

This one.

This is one of my most absolute favorite LNS. In. The. World. One of my 30th birthday treats was a trip "downy ocean" to Ocean City, Maryland, to this LNS for a day with my mom and Chancey a few years ago. It truly was a treat to get to go here, and totally worth a 3 hour trip, down Route 50. Not only did I get to eat crab cakes and Smith Island Cake, which I will make when I stop being scared of how to make a cake with that many layers , buy
Fisher's popcorn, whose tins are perfect for stash, and stroll the boardwalk and play with Chancey (my profile photo is from that day, she's laughing because she ran off and I had to chase her all the way up the beach--apparently, my dog thinks it's HIGH-larious to make a fat girl run) at the water's edge, but we go to go to this store. The staff was so nice to us. They told us where to get good crabcakes and good Smith Island Cakes. You gotta love anyone who knows where a good crabcake can be found. We Mer-landers are picky.
Of course I had S.E.X. there! LOL.

I like this blog a lot, not just because it's a stitchy blog, but because it's about owning an LNS. A big LNS, right on the boardwalk, in a resort town. It's funny, you never hear about the wierdness of owning an LNS. And I can imagine, people would walk in, dripping, right off the beach, and ask for the silliness that she says they do.

Anyway, I thought it was neat. And I definitely recommend the shop. I have not stayed at the hotel, we always had a house, and I am going to talk to SO about going to the stitchy retreat next year. He's perfectly happy people watching, and there are way worse places to watch folks than on the steps of the Lankford hotel, just down the street from the popcorn place, with the whole Atlantic Ocean in front of you.


CindyMae said...

Great blog!!

LoriRay said...

I will check out that blog...sounds funny and interesting! :)

Jennifer said...

I love that shop. They have great local pieces there!

Pumpkin said...

Thanks for the link! I'll definitely be checking it out :o)

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