08 May 2009

Froggy went a-visiting and we did rip, um-hunh

Housekeeping note first: Pumpkin asked what fabric I am using for my Boo Club. I chose PTP's Monet in Aida. It's a blue-y purple. They had a special with the fabric and the charts, either Kermit or Monet. I priced out fabric and thread specials and it seemed a better value. I liked the purple more than the green. The special is still on their site in case anyone is interested.

I blasted out of work at 5 yesterday, glad to not have to work at my PT job and looking forward to stitching, got home, started stitching, stitched for an hour, and realized I had miscounted. AAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK.

If there is one thing I hate doing, it's miscounting with hand-dyeds. OMG.

Fortunately, it was an easy fix. I had just miscounted the position of some little squares, and it's in a color I don't foresee running out of, because, I don't know about y'all, but I am always scared that I'll run out of a color, go to the LNS to buy another skein of it, and get a dye batch that does not match (this happened with a Crescent Colors skein of Bunny Honey. The one at my regular LNS was greyish dark brown, the one I ran out of was like an 842--I ended up getting another skein from the place I ordered the first one from that matched better. Thank God I remember minutaie like that). I know there are ways to meld them together, but, in my own way, I am anal-retentive to a fault and that fault is that I no likey melding colors together.

I am almost finished with "Spooky" now. I think I'll hold off on starting to look for fabric for it til I get closer to the end. That way, I'll be able to figure out how to "finish the story" better, so to speak. Plus, I am working hard to deal with determining wants vs. needs--I want the Mary Beale Advent sampler, I need the Burda Hardanger book I bought for $6 on Ebay last week, LOL. But, now that I've found, it's easier to do that. With a small selection, I tend to buy more because I have to have "something," but with a big one, I can be a little choosier. I'm wierd.


CindyMae said...

Oh I know what you mean, frogging those hand dyes is awful! I try so hard not to ruin my floss and it is so hard sometimes!! Anyway, glad that it was an easy fix!

Bronny said...

Boo Club is sounding interesting. I don't have that many hand dyes, so still am very sparing in stitching with them. I'm glad that the frog made just a tiny visit.
When do we see progress pictures?

Daffycat said...

ROFLOL at the title of this post.

Sorry you had a frog...I hope you next session goes smoother!

Pumpkin said...

I want to do mine on purple too so I'm glad I'm not the only one to do so :o) Can't wait to see yours. Sorry the frog came by :o( Don't send him my way! LOL!

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