26 April 2010

Picture update

I realize I haven't posted in what feels like forever. Last week turned out to be not such a good week. Nothing major happened. Just everyone was out of sorts, some people close to me said some things about some choices I made for the wedding that really really upset me (apparently, I looked so pi$$ed off, HTB asked me if I lost my job--I told him I didn't want to talk about it, and gave that ol' elliptical a beat-down), and, on top of all of it, our theatre patrons were acting like nasty spoiled children on Saturdaay, and I had about reached my limit; if I wanted to deal with kids, I would have stayed in school those extra years and gotten an education degree. I just don't understand why some people thrive on being nasty; I try not to be like that when I go in stores, but I guess it's too much to think other people want to extend that same courtesy to those who serve them. I came, drooping, home at Saturday at 10PM and told HTB I have to get out of customer service work.

We did see Avatar finally. I bought it on Thursday, and we just LOVED it. I had been convinced that I wouldn't like it, because I don't like fantasy that much, but it was amazing. The story was beautiful; maybe it will inspire people to realize that we do share a connection to our world and that we need to respect that and honor it. I think this goes high on my list of favorite movies, but it's one I won't be able to watch again right away. I want to savor it and think for a while.

I did finish Irish Kitty on Wednesday. I have managed to misplace it in the middle of organizing my freebies--I keep coming onto caches of stuff I've printed off, LOL. I do have fabric for a tuck pillow for it that looks good. It's shamrocks in colors that match the shamrocks on the design. It also has ladybugs, which the design doesn't have, but, when I look at it, I decided it needs a ladybug button. It makes sense to have the kitten looking at something, and it ties the design to the fabric.
I bought ladybug buttons, and have to have HTB cut off the shank and drill a hole for me to sew it on to the design. I think it will be a lovely, whimsical addition to our spring stuff.

The pictures above are my new WIPs.The first is Christmas Carrot from a 1990 edition of Country Stitch magazine. It's not the best picture, but there are a lot of ornaments in the set, and the magazine photo is far away. To get any better, I'd have to show the chart, and that's illegal. I'm maybe a third of the way done. It's pretty fun to stitch. He looks like such a determined guy in the picture, lugging his dinner home, LOL. I'm not sure about two shades of green in the border though. I may switch it out to a red for the outside. I'm not sure yet.

The other one has been kitted up for FOREVER. It's a Sanman Halloween freebie from 2007 called Pumpkin Pie. I've never seen a finish of it . . . I can't imagine I'm the only one who liked it? It has the CUTEST verse--"A little ghost flew through the sky and crashed right into bat/Bat went swirling to the ground and smashed poor Jack flat/Frank came by and made pumpkin pie/ and that is that." I'm playing with the last part a bit, depending on how much fabric I have left at the end. I may change it to be, "And that, my loves, is that." I bought a fat quarter of Carnival PTP linen to stitch it on, and I think it's so neat. I am trying to do it as a bellpull, I think it would be pretty cute. Or maybe I'm just twisted?

I am hoping this is a better week. We're going up to Pennsylvania to order one pair of my wedding shoes (I want low heels for the service, higher for the reception, it probably won't look so good if I'm constantly shifting because my feet hurt), and to get some flowers. Hopefully that will go well. Any week, I don't work 6 days in a row is a good week.

I hope everyone else has a lovely week.


Meari said...

Sorry to hear people were mean to you. Both about the wedding and at work. Nasties!

Your WIPs look good, though.

Siobhan said...

Love your WIPs! Sorry to hear about the blah of a week. Mean people suck!

Annie said...

That's the cutest little ornamemnt. Looks like you chose the best design of the bunch.

I like the idea of the alternate set of shoes. Sounds perfect.

Hope this week goes more smoothly for you.

riona said...

Remember it's YOUR wedding ... the only person whose opinion you need to consult is your fiance ... let all other kibitzers take a long walk off a short pier, taking their opinions with them.

I like your photos and look forward to seeing your finish of the Irish Kitty.

And, remember, you've got the Sue Hillis GTG to look forward to!!

Elaine said...

Sorry people have been mean Rachel and you have had a rough week.
Your wips are lovely. After snipping the hanks off my buttons I glue my buttons with fabric glue.
I haven;t had any fall off

Kathy A. said...

Weddings can be so stressful. Too many people think they have the right to offer an opinion. You just do what makes you both happy - it is YOUR day.
I hope you hve a much better week this week.

kimstitch3 said...

chin up girl. sorry some people are like that.Before you know it, your big day will be here and all this will be behind you. Take care,Kimberly

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls