06 August 2010

Flashback Friday: my father's war on childhood culture

I am a child of the 80s. My parents grew up during WW2. They lived in dire fear of hippies and Communists--my brother had a heck of a time convincing them he wasn't going to overthrow the government if he grew a mullet.

Somewhere along the line, my parents decided the curriculum of the school system was hell-bent on turning us into hippies, Communists, or, generally, bad people.

Really Rosie was the object of my father's biggest concern. He hated this movie. LOATHED IT. I guess it was the idea of Rosie sprinkling soup on a bunch of kids including an alligator. Maybe it's just the fact that "One Was Johnny" gets stuck in your head. Apparently this was pretty common with parents; my classmate Chelsea's mom hated it too, only she had the record and played it incessantly. I was not allowed to sing any of the songs from this special. And they showed this fairly often in school. I am not even sure why we were allowed to eat chicken soup and rice. He really got irked by Rosie.

Only slightly under his loathing for Really Rosie was his dislike for

This was the Holy Grail of school movies. A day that included this one was a day that was pretty good! You might even get pizza at lunch. It was worth sitting through the other movies, just for the hope that you'd get to see this.

Dad didn't like it. I guess we were not really free to be "you and me?"

This was more his speed. We rocked out to some Puff. LOL. I guess no one told him it was about drugs? Or it was on that cool 1980s bi-level where things were simply there for kids to enjoy.

Funny thing is, my dad's a lot more open-minded now. He'd probably sing along to Carol King, LOL.


Julie M said...

I am not familiar with any of those you posted. Wonder what I was doing?

Meari said...

I am a child of the 70's and 80's and watched those movies, too!

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