04 April 2011

Blah-y kind of weekend

I don't really think we actually just had a weekend, do you? It went so fast.

We had a family party on Friday night for SIL's birthday. It was a lot of fun. Our niece is learning to stitch and showed me her first WIP. She is doing so good, I'm so proud of her. Since she had her needle and thread, we did a little repair work on some things that Left-brain's mom needed fixing, which, to be honest, children tore. I taught her to make sure her knots are on the inside of the work, so no one sees them. We had to sew the head back onto a stuffed goose, and it was quite an accomplishment. I supervised and sewed the hard bits, she sewed the easy bits and held, and her little brother cut the threads. Well, no surgery can be done by just one person, right? I finally brought my wedding dress home--ooh, that dress is filthy. I tried to be a little bit careful of it, but, not only is the hem dirty, there is a big mark across knee level that either happened at the reception or on the ride over to the after-party. Argggh! I'm not sure whether I want it preserved, but I do want that mark outta my dress!

Saturday, we ran a few errands, then Left-brain took me out for breakfast. Nothing fancy, just IHOP, but we've been so busy the last few weekends, seeing each other without the pressure of "something else needs to be done" is a gift. We came back home and hunkered down to watch the games. Yes, I'm serious. We settled in at one, and my game didn't come on til 9:08. We are good fans. I worked on Barnyard Kitties til the light started to fail, then picked up a smaller WIP to work on during the game.

I will put it out here: Kentucky did not win. It was a good game. They tried. It was a clean game, which I find admirable. But, on tournament games, you can not fall behind a talented team and expect to come back. The Comeback Cats of my college days could, but they were a special group of men. Our 2011 team is young; if they stick together and stay at the school instead of going to the NBA (and we see how well that worked for John Wall), we can really turn the fortunes of our tourney dreams around. And a Final 4 Berth helps recruiting. And we got farther than 64 other teams; they'd be proud to be a Final 4 contender. I tried to tell myself this, but I'll be honest. There were tears in my eyes, and I pouted after the game was over. And I'm not answering the phone.

Yesterday was a work day at the theatre. We had a 2 hour will-call session. With plenty of problems. I was so tired when I got home last night, I just kinda draped myself around. I did work on my little WIP from the night before, but didn't get very far.

I'll post some progress photos a little later today. Hope everyone has a good start to the week.

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