29 July 2011

Hectic week!

The theatre opened a new production this week, and it has thrown my week into a tizzy. I've had a light schedule there the entire month (and my checking account is mourning it), but this week made up for it. Tuesday night, I saw the show, and then last night I had to stay to promote our 2012 season. Since I worked Sunday, that means I've spent 12 hours there so far this week, and I've got another two hour shift tonight. I didn't get to sleep last night til 1. Yes, I woke Left-brain up when I got home. He must have whispered something to the dog because good ol' Beazer got me up at quarter to six. Yep, I'm running on less than 5 hours of sleep. 5 hours' is the bare minimum I need to be a human being worth liking, so today ought to be fun.

I'd like to think I could get to sleep early tonight, but my stitching group is having a potluck GTG tomorrow. I am bringing glorified rice and macaroni salad, so I've got some cooking to do when I get home tonight. But these are no-muss, no fuss recipes, so it should not be too bad.

I still haven't decided what stitching I'm bringing, though. I have so many choices. Icy Dragon has been languishing for a while, I am thinking 8 hours on him would make a world of difference. But I could probably almost get Brave Hearts finished. Or make a dent in CItA. Or I could be really brave and start a new project--I have a Pamela Kellogg design, "A Kitten for Christmas", that I would love to work on. So you see, I have some issues . . .

I'm hoping the craziness starts to die down soon. I've still got some fair finishing to do (I should probably work on that tomorrow, right?). And I'd like to go somewhere before the end of the summer. I told Left-brain this is supposed to be our fun newly-wed year where we get to know each other and make those memories that last a lifetime, and all I do is work. I think I was just overly tired and emotional, but I told him I took the weekend the fair starts off from the theatre, and I don't want to sit at home. He asked where I wanted to go. My reponse: "Anywhere but here." We have a free weekend at a campground that came as part of our thank-you package for the camper we bought a few weeks ago, and we may use that, or else go to the shore. I don't know. I just want to have some time to enjoy before it gets cold again.

I'll take some pictures at the GTG tomorrow. It should be a lot of fun.

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Meari said...

Yeah, I would not be fun to be around with only 5 hours of sleep. Hope you got caught up over the weekend.

What did you decide to take to the GTG?

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