03 September 2011

Magazine S.E.X. and the project I chose

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to pick up my magazines for the month. It was a good month as far as they go, lots of nice things to stitch.

I'd heard about this particular magazine on the boards. It's from the people who do Cross Stitcher magazine. Most people said they were finding it at Sam's or Costco, but I managed to find it at the bookstore.

These are a sampling of the designs available.

I finally picked my next project to finish. I've been working on Icy all day.

I can almost see the finish line on this one, I'm just hopeful that I don't run out of the braid before I get to the end.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Left-brain went racing today, so it's just the dog and I at home. I've spent the day camped out on the bed, watching TV, stitching, and feeding the dog the occasional peanut. He has developed a serious addiction to peanuts, and so is pestering me for them. He knows the sound of the container being opened, and wants them. And you can't deny a pitbull his peanuts. Not that I'd want to--a dog with such big chompy jaws chewing a nut is pure entertainment! It takes little to make me happy, LOL.


Tammy said...

who is your dragon pattern by I love it!!

Nancy said...

Icey is gorgeous!

riona said...

I love that you chose The Ice Dragon for your next project. If you do run low on the braid, shoot me an e-mail. I have some left.

Jenny said...

Icy looks great! You have gotten a bunch done on him - awesome!

Denise said...

Love this!

Pumpkin said...

I'm still trying to locate this magazine :o(

Icy is looking awesome!

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