09 September 2011

The ornament issue

is awesome. It came last night. I hunkered down for a gander, and was so impressed. I've never done this before, but I've already started an ornament. I picked out My Big Toe's design, pulled some fabric, chose two colors of Gentle Art that I liked, and I am off to the races. I'm doing the words in Red Plum, and the outside part in Jade, a LE color. I kind of like the way the jewel tones work together. I think it's going to look rich on the tree.

I'm excited about the ornaments this year--not so many cat and dog ornaments as in the past, but a nice mix of the whimsical and elegant. Left-brain chose the Tempting Tangles ornament for his ornament. That is done with DMC, so I can kit that up quickly. He also likes the church ornament.

I picked out several this morning to kit up and placed an order. I tried to focus on the ones with specialty threads and limited myself to only kitting up a couple. I will probably end up substituting out a lot of colors, either for the DMC conversion or for what I have in my stash. It's time I start using these beautiful flosses I've hoarded all these years; as pretty as they are in the box, they're a lot prettier on the fabric, in the shape of little x's, wouldn't you agree? But I'm not quite ready to start that yet, LOL.


Bonnie Brown said...

Cant' wait to get my hands on a copy!

Nancy said...

My copy arrived yesterday, too! So many beautiful ornaments this year and such varity! I love it!

Stitchinowl said...

My copy arrived a few days ago. There are so many ornies I want to stitch this year - I can't decide which to start first!

Pumpkin said...

I got mine too and LOVE so many of them this year :o)

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