11 June 2012

Another hectic week begins

We have a nursery finally. We had to change the color a bit because they didn't make the color I chose first anymore, so I changed over to one called Girl's Night Out. It's a richer dusty lavendar, but it looks so good with the dark wood of her crib, the colors of the bedding and the gold outlet covers left over my husband's bachelor days.  I put her little library on her bookshelf; it was a neat feeling to see books from my grandmother, the teacher's, library, on there next to books I enjoyed as a little girl, ones her grammas and cousins had picked out and ones my friends had chosen.  I put my favorite bears and bunnies up on the shelves; some of them are a little motley, but they're things that were chosen for her. Even her papa chose a teddy and put it in her crib--BTW, they do a fine job with scaring the bejesus out of a body with these crib sheets. I held one up to the mattress and thought there was no way in creation that thing was going to fit.  Amazingly, with much shoving, punching and threats, it worked.  Which begs the question, why if those sheets fit that mattress, is it such a pain to get the sheets on our bed to stay put.

I had to take my binders of charts down off the bookcase to finish up the preparation. Left-brain asked me where I wanted to put the huge tub of them. I told him that I didn't want them packed away so that I wouldn't have access to them.  With so much of my stuff packed away and virtually inaccessible (though to be honest, it's mostly because I can't lift the boxes on top of them off), it's starting to make me a little antsy.

I did venture to the LNS on Saturday. I have decided that, for our anniversary, I am stitching Left-brain a chart of the lighthouses of the Chesapeake. He doesn't know it yet. But I got the idea because he said he appreciates when I stitch the charts of the lighthouses we have access to. He likes any lighthouses, but he enjoys the local ones more. I thought it would be nice to do that for him.  I also kitted up a Moira Blackburn design, I think it's called "in the garden", and a Bent Creek patriotic design.  I know, I am supposed to be using what I had, but I have been good, and I wanted something new to stitch and my kitted-up stuff, well, it's buried in a pile of boxes.  OK, note to self: fix this situation as soon as possible.

This week, we find out when the baby is coming. Because of the issues, they don't want me to go full-term, but need to decide if it will be at 38 weeks or 39. They keep saying things like, "If you're still pregnant next week . . . "  Well, all I have heard is that first babies never come early, and she seems perfectly content where she is, plus, it's a little wierd to hear it phrased that way. But I do know, it's a blessing to have gotten this far, every day she stays in is a blessing for us.  At least we find out her weight this week, so we get a better idea of that.  I can't wait.

Have to go for now. Will attempt to show some stitching soon.


Meari said...

Congrats on gettng the nursery read! What? No photos??

Elaine said...

The colour in the baby room sounds lovely Rachel. I hope your appointment goes well this week.
Good luck with your new stitchy starts.

Julie M said...

Glad you were able to get out to the LNS and get some retail therapy.

What a treasure to have your grandmother's books. Sounds like you're all ready to go and anxious for your new life to begin.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls