29 January 2014

S.E.X. in the mail

I did not go to the LNS on Saturday. They were calling for snow, which did not come, and I didn't want to get stuck in that. We also have been slapped with another round of a severe cold. My lips are taking the brunt of it this go-round--they are cracked and bleeding, and Sunday, it was so bad, I woke up with ducklips, they were that battered. I have been scrambling to find something to soothe them, and the only thing which seems to work is Neutrogena Hand Cream (don't worry, it said it's OK for lips, it's even nicely-flavored. Those people think of everything.) I seem to be a bit better, except I am losing my voice, but it's only 3 days til the weekend, and I can rest.

So, Friday morning, I placed an order on 123. Mom gives me GC to there every Christmas, and I still had a little balance on one from last year, plus the one from this year. So I ordered these lovelies. Some other things were on back-order so there will be another package. It's nice to be able to do this for myself every so often. I do admit though, that blue is not what I thought it would be, not sure what I'll stitch on it. I still have not stitched Someone Small a Christmas stocking, but the chart I like for her would go well on that fabric. So, should I use it for that or do the Frosty Forest on it?  Does anyone know how these are supposed to be laid out even? Are they ornaments or a picture? I guess they could be whatever I want them to be, but I'm so indecisive.

Does this winter weather affect your hands? I used to never have dry chapped hands, but the last three winters have been atrocious. I thought it was just my office air for the last two years and kept Gloves in A Bottle at work, but this winter, it's just as bad. This week has been terrible, because I am working on Heatherfield, and the fabric is snagging on my hands. Ugh.The Gloves in A Bottle isn't really working--cue the Neutrogena.  Left-brain says this is all caused by having a heat pump in the house, and we should get a bigger humidifier. I am going to think about this--this winter has been a mess.


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Hi, yes, my lips are taking a beating this winter too, but it started in the fall and they would peel and bleed and peel more. Nothing I tried worked until I went to my doctor and got some cream- a mixture of Ketoderm/Hydroval 50/50 mix. It's the only thing that is working for me. It got so bad that I could not kiss my husband and he could only kiss me on the cheek. I started a blog called Purple Pixie Dust come on over for a visit. hugs Lynda Ruth

valerie said...

Great Stash Rachel! Keep warm! I cant complain since I live in CA but the weather's been so weird that my lips have been taking a beating. For hands, I usually use Neutrogena Norwegian formula at bedtime. Pretty greasy but hydrating and Eucerin Hand cream during the day.

Jennifer said...

Neutrogena is our go-to hand cream, but I had a sample of L'Occitaine from Sephora, and OMG - LOVE it. Of course, I also find the Palmer's Cocoa Butter than you can get in the mega tub works great. I even used it on Nick's face when he was getting chapped from blowing his nose. Works like a charm

Vicky said...

Hey Rachel, I swear by this for dry lips if you cant find any in the US I would be happy to send you a tube to try.

It is also great for insect bites, minor burns etc

Stitchinowl said...

Hi Rachel, Enjoy your new stash! As for the dry skin problems, my mom swears by Eucerin cream. Her doctor recommended it since her skin was very dry and cracking. I like Neutrogena.

BeckyG said...

Hiya Rachel, I use Working Hands. It's in a green flat container and I get it at Lowe's. It really soothes cracked fingers and dry skin.

Meari said...

My lips are really chapped this winter, too. I keep chapstick on my nightstand table and put it on before I go to sleep. I have vaseline petroleum jelly in a tube that I keep in my purse.

For hands, I use udder cream on my hands for stitching.

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