03 September 2014

The "Panting to Stitch" SAL

Thank you for your comments about my post the other day. They are much appreciated. Things seem to be looking up for September.

You are probably wondering why I have titled today's post what I have, since this is not a hobby we tend to "pant" about.  Well, in all my digging through my stuff the past month, I realized that I have a lot of stuff that I would really like to stitch before I leave this earth, but I haven't been able to work on. In my case, it's because I lose everything all the time, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has these projects. Well, I decided I'm going to change that in 2015.

I already committed to focusing on Hummingbird Trellis afghan, and that will be my focus for the year . . . BUT . . . I decided I am also going to do one of my "panting to stitch" projects. And I found mine the other day.

It's "Mother's Arms", by Miribilia. I have had it in my stash since 2000 or 2001, and I even remember buying it, at Inez's Creative Stitchery in Kensington. (I don't even know if the shop is still there, I haven't been able to go back since that one time, right after Inez died, it was so much "her", hard not to see her at the register). I loved the bright colors, and the serene look on the mother's face (perhaps it calls to me now because I am not a serene mom), but it had blending filament and beads, and so I put it away for that day when BF didn't seem so irritating, and I had money for beads (because, at that time, I wasn't making much, and whatever I did earn went to pay the vet bills for one puppy and three kittens, all of whom seemed to get sick or need shots or shred their collars right around payday), so I tucked it away.

And now I found it, and I think it's amazing. And I want to stitch it. I posted on 123 asking if anyone else had charts like that, that they'd put away waiting for the perfect day and reason to stitch, and got a lot of responses. So I decided to host a Stitch-A-Long. And I've gotten some good responses.  Having referenced putting things off to stitch in the perfect place, like a cabin or seashore, with a frosty beverage, maybe a pool boy or two, I've even offered to post pix of pretty places to help us get into "the zone." Someone suggested basing it out of here, but I'd probably want to set up a Facebook page, or a different blog, and then of course, cross-reference to a monthly post on 123 where people could post photos.

Do you have a chart like that in your stash? It doesn't have to be one to set the world on fire, it just has to be one that you really love, but haven't stitched. Would you like to join us? It's a no-frills, no-pressure SAL, starting January 1, running at least the year. With progress posts on the 15th or 16th to keep us moving.  If so, let me know, and I'll figure out the logistics


Vicky said...

I am sure that I can join in as I have so many charts and so little stitched LOL

Honeybee said...

I'm in, but I have to figure out what I'm gonna stitch. Maybe our wedding sampler? We've only been married 14 years! :O)

Meari said...

I think we all have charts like that. So many charts, so little time. I would really like to finish Japanese Garden!

stitchersanon said...

I would like to join in. I have a couple of WIPs I have put down and forgotten which could do with being finished.

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