13 March 2007

la la la, I am not stitching

It is UFO Tuesday, and I am not stitching. I intended to, but I stopped in to Borders and Barnes and Noble (I am stoked I finally found that frigging card, and I saved $2.93 tonight, woo hoo), and I read the magazines I bought--Cross Stitcher is good this month--but haven't stitched.

I am almost done with Warm Water Wash. I hate it now. I am tired of working with overdyeds. I wonder if anyone else has a love/hate relationship with them. They are like those finely bred horses at riding school, exciting to work with, and I feel like a more competent performer with them, but there are times when you just wanna stitch and not pay attention to the pattern you are making with the thread, just like there are times when I want to just ride a plain old horse. Nothing fancy, just reliable. And i don't think I am doing a Raise the Roof project for a while.

In my seemingly aimless searching through the boxes in the basement (AKA, the land of Don't Go There, where I have learned to perfectly balance boxes in a configuration that would impress those contortionists at the circus), I found the piece of blue linen Debbie M sent me for BOAF Remember Me on Halloween. So glad to have that linen. I am stitching that in workhorse DMC.

And I bought a rice steamer tonight at Target. I am going to start dying thread and fabric and I won $50 in the phone QC bonus at work, so ended up there. I think it will be a neat thing, I just have to accumulate some thread

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