28 March 2007

Two more squares left

I have two more squares left on that afghan, other than the last Merry Christmas. The fact that the Santa in the chimney square is off by five threads is bugging me, and it did not help that Mom said it would not do well in the fair. I can't see that anyone but me is going to notice that it's five threads off.

I bought two new magazines today. Not much that utterly impressed me in them, but my tastes change so someday they might. I didn't have a lot of time to read the letters. That is my favorite part. I am going to send them a photo of HOHRH. I thought about sending them the one with Chancey in it, but it would probably not get published. I don't know, I may reconsider. My dog is really frigging cute, and she deserves to be in a magazine.

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