23 January 2009

Like Feathered Wings

Pumpkin asked to see what this design looked like. It was pretty hard to find a photo of it, I don't think it's out of print, but you never know. This is the original. Mine is a little different. I found a mistake on the chart already, a misspelling on the word "fanning". I am adjusting. I think it's a neat pattern with lots of possibilities because you can change the colors to match your favorite horse colors, you could also adapt it to fit holidays (red white and blue for 4th of July, with a verse about patriotism and horses), or for Christmas. It's been fun to stitch, just a little time-consuming, because each stitch must be crossed individually.

The design is by Simply Old-Fashioned, I can't be certain they're still in business, but she does have some gorgeous designs. I love the Silhouettes series. And the Alley Cat moon.

Speaking of cats, I finally put away the last of my Christmas decorations in my sewing room last night, and put up a little statue of laughing cats on my coffee table. I found it at Goodwill the other day and it made my heart happy. The lady said someone had hidden it, but now it's MINE. I think it's a good omen to have laughter around you. I like having the things I love in there too but laughter is a good and worthwhile thing

I stitched in my sewing room last night. I got home late--tried a new way home that didn't work so good--and SO was in a mood because he had a long day and had to go into DC for work and he just LURVES going downtown. I normally stitch in the family room because my Dazor lamp stays down there, since I live in outright horror that it will light the house on fire if sunlight goes through the magnifier, even if I cover it. But he wanted to play video games, and I don't find watching people play video games to be interesting, so I went in my room, and kicked back on the couch. It was nice. I made good progress. I finished the middle horse and started on the wording. I needed a change from crossing x's.

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Pumpkin said...

Thanks Rachel! I love the colors you are using much better though :o)

She does have some lovely blackwork. I wonder if they are still in business.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls