16 November 2009

The EEK frog brought his friends

And I told that little bugger he was cute. BLAST IT. BLAST HIM. BLAST THIS CHART.

Do designers not understand that, when they mark center, that's SACRED? That they should check 4 times and then mark it once? The center line is different on the first three charts than it is on the second three. The way the charts are designed, when you stitch them in a row, the only way you have to center them is off that center line, and now I find out that's not right?

I am stitching the Pumpkin chart. I'm almost finished. I was proud of myself for managing to get such fast progress on it, since I started it last night. I got to the outer part of the P and realized it didn't line up right with Creepy and it's not three blocks in from the yellow border. I counted and triangulated off the other stitching, and that was fine. All it is is that center got moved one block to the left.

So now I'm frogging out all the lettering. I know, I should probably leave it alone because no one but me will really notice it's not right. But it's not right. And so I have to frog it out.

I guess the major reason I'm so upset is that this is going to waste floss. I can salvage some it (I know, we're not supposed to, but I don't have money to fling at floss, not to mention the dye lots differ), but it annoys me. Plus, all that time wasted . . . Sheesh.


Annie said...

That is so annoying! Especially for a perfectionist like you. I would never think to question that center marking on a chart. I'll be more careful from now on.

riona said...

Aggravation to the nth degree!!! When something like this happens to me, I try to remember that I am not the best of proof-readers myself ... it doesn't help much. I still expect designers to be more perfect than myself!

Blu said...

I hate it when that happens. You're right a centre mark is sacred. I've actually become paranoid enough to double check the centres lately!

CindyMae said...

Oh I am so sorry you are having a hard time. Hope you get it all fixed up!

Daffycat said...

I was hit to by that dratted creature. And because of a design flaw as well. Grrr.

I'll be sure to keep watch for that chart error when I finally get mine going.

Pumpkin said...

Oh no :o( Thanks for posting this because I'll have to keep an eye out when I start mine. Knowing me though, I'll have forgotten by the time I get around to stitching it. LOL!

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