14 March 2012

Flower update 2

I promise I will get pictures tonight, I just keep forgetting to go out and get the pictures when I get home.

We lost the crocuses in the flower box. We finally admitted it to ourselves last night. I think they came up too soon in December, then it got coldish . . . and the box didn't offer enough protection. Left-brain discovered the bulbs were rotted under the soil and disposed of the corpses before I got home from work. I'm a bit bummed about that, I really do not like killing things, even accidentally, but it was a lesson learned. The ones planted in the ground are doing really well, with our early summer weather. It was 80 here yesterday, quite nice!

My tulips are popping up like gangbusters. The box I put them in looks good, they are spread out in the front bed and growing. It really is so satisfying to see them coming up. Our yard is not the most conducive to flowers, since it was a rental house most of its life pre-Left-brain, and the former owners didn't work up a lot of the land--the soil is still a lot like it is with new houses, full of rocks. Left-brain is not a man who putters with flowers, his landscaping additions were rocks and ornamental grasses, and the grasses are mostly there to shield the dog from seeing what's coming down the street. It needed a few random dashes of color, as a welcoming thing. I know we're not staying here forever, and I hope the next owner likes them . . . and remembers to divide up the daffodils. Those are starting to peek out. If I remember correctly, I bought mid- to late-blooming so we'd have color all spring, but I'm not sure, so don't quote me; November feels like a lifetime ago.

I finished the Fine-ally Finished ornament last night. I'm glad it's done--it wasn't hard, just that I don't like stitching the same thing over and over. I ordered some ribbon to finish it this morning, and will hopefully be able to show it off next week. I'm starting the Country Cottage needleworks ornament today.


riona said...

I naturalized the hill above the retaining wall with daffodils and jonquils and and crocus and wild hyacinths [my favorite] which I don't bother to split and divide annually ... I figure "naturalizing" means leave it to Mother Nature and the squirrels to do their respective stuff. I also put about 60 tulip bulbs above the retaining wall as well but the squirrels have long since gotten them. The daffodils and jonquils are currently making a pretty show. The crocus have yet to come up. Later the Van Houten spirea and the ground cover with tiny blue flowers [forget the name] will take over. After the trees leaf out there's too much shade for anything else so I haven't bothered with summer color ... though I suppose impatiens would work well enough.

Annie said...

Ya gotta love this fabulous March weather. Enjoy it while it lasts!

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Get the camera out when the flowers are really out. Sounds pretty. CJ in OK ;-)

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