22 March 2012

For the sheep people

There is a new blogger in our midst, Kayona, whose blog can be found here:

She has a very adorable button leg sheep finishing technique to share. I have to figure out what I can stitch that will work for this, but this technique is as cute as a bug.

Think of the possibilities.

Also, thank you for your kind responses to my post about Grandpa. Yesterday was a day spent thinking of him, I even went home and called Beazer 'hundt', which is the Pennsylvania Dutch (well, German) word for dog. Grandpa always called all dogs, purebred or mutt, "hundts" (Cats were "katzes", but only if they were misbehaving or he'd just had to pay for cat food, little calves were 'hummies', and his mares never had foals, they had 'houtches'). Beazer didn't understand what it meant, but he's a good old hundt of a dog if there ever was one. I feel so very blessed to be his grand-daughter. My brother is a lot like him, shambling gait, easy-going ways, even his string-bean physique, which, I have been told, was quite the sight when Grandpa taught him to shoe horses ("Tom had all four feet off the ground, Luke had all two." Grandpa had a lot of stories like that, particularly when my brother decided to take up horse-breaking in addition to farrier service--he stopped after my horse, the long-deceased Wildfire, tossed him into a large pile of manure during a training session. I'm just hillbilly enough to find that hilariously funny. DB now works inside with computers.) As long as he's around, Grandpa's not really gone. And that's a good thing. We need a lot more people like him. So thank you for letting me tell you a little more about him.

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