17 July 2009

In the 9/09 issue of CS&N

I was window-shopping on Needlecraft Corner's website today and found this picture. It's the Sunflower Fairy by Nora Corbett, in the new issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework. What do you think? I like her OK. Though I wouldn't use that fabric. I would pick a blue fabric. I've been really loving how fall colors look against blues, particularly ones that look like sky. I don't know about you, but I think the color of the sky in autumn is amazing, a really crisp, bright blue. It's never really the same color at any other time of the year. I think the colors on this would pop against a sky-colored background.


riona said...

I want it ... and I have used up my self-imposed chart quota for the year ... posting this is not the action of a friend, I am afraid ... interesting freebies is one thing ... but now you have gone too far.

Andrea said...

I don't normally like these fairies that much, they're cute, just not "me". But this one is adorable! And I agree, it would be perfect on a blue fabric!
The sky is never more perfect than in October, if you ask me :-)

Annie said...

I do love that design. But you'd have to be careful with the blue fabby to make sure the wings have enough contrast. Seems like there's always at least one color of floss in every design that messes up any fabric choice!

Julie M said...

Hmmmmm.....I'm not much into fairies but I like your idea of using the blue.

Raggedy Ann said...

Oh My! That is a beautiful design for sure! I love it :)
I want it..but do I need it, will I stitch it? lol

Why did I visit your blog tonight?

I don't get this magazine, and I have no book stores where I live.
I will have to try and forget I saw this...(you notice I said TRY)LOL!


hope you are doing well, have a wonderful night,

kimstitch3 said...

Oh crap, I love that pattern, I have to get that mag for telling us about it,Kimberly

Pumpkin said...

I really loved the design when I first saw it and then I saw how skinny her legs were! I might cave and stitch her but like you, I'll be changing the fabric color.

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