15 July 2009

The Styrofoam cutter

Meari asked about it. This is what it looks like. They had a few different models. I really wasn't sure how one picks a styrofoam cutter. Heck, I didn't know they existed til I went to Michael's the other day and actually looked up instead of staring at the bottom shelf, as is my wont. Apparently they also use them to make race cars(no wonder the cars have been flying all over the place when they wreck), but the people I know who race buy all that stuff pre-fabbed, or pay someone else to do it. They're not out in the garage, shaving it down.

The one I got looks pretty safe. I didn't know it heated up, but that's probably a good thing to know before I lay it on the carpet while plugged in. At least it's small. But, if anyone is in the mood to have something more wicked (or build racecars,) there are plenty of videos on making one online.

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Annie said...

That looks like a pretty neat tool. I didn't expect it to be so small. Always fun to play with a new gadget (sewing machine anyone, hint hint) ;-)

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