26 October 2009

And how was YOUR weekend?

Mine was rather . . . disjointed.

I hadn't had my nails done in 4 weeks and my left thumbnail lifted like crazy, so I was up and out of the house bright and early for a nail appointment. She did do a really good job shaping them. She even put a spider on my ring fingers, which, to be frank, looks like a ghost doing jumping jacks under a chandalier, but I'm not complaining because she said she'd never done a spider before. And my nails were in such bad shape that anything on them was better than running around like I had been. It's hard to stitch with a lifted acrylic nail, and the little paranoid voice in my head that fears fungus was starting to yell, "There is MOLD under that nail, and water and fungus will grow, and your finger will fall off," just a tad bit louder.

I also went for our Halloween candy. We get so many trick or treaters, it's not funny, and I think I have the biggest kid of them all, at least when it comes to candy. He has a little pumpkin container I keep stocked through the year with goodies. And he was eagerly anticipating new goodies this year. Earlier this week, he picked out the Airheads left over from last year and sent them to my father, who loves them (why we did not do this in, say, November, I don't know) so there is room in the pumpkin. And made requests for Sweettarts. So I stocked up. I even found the most divine pumpkin spice Kisses. OMG. And some bouncy balls. The kids freaked over Play-doh last year, so I think this will be as much fun. I admit freely to bouncing a ball in the house on Saturday.

Of course, I intended us to not eat any of the candy until Saturday. So, I should have known better than to open up the bags with the intention of mixing some up for my mom to give her trick or treaters--she gets maybe 20, so it really is a waste for her to get a lot of candy. But I did. And then watched DF go crazy with it. He taste tested the Sweettarts and apparently found them to be so yucky he must eat them before the children get to them :). Then, later, when I was downstairs, watching the Travel Channel and stitching, he crept down with the 100-piece bag of candy bars. I said to him, "Please make sure you leave some for the children on Saturday." He told me he'd buy more. He is actually planning on going to BJs to get the full-size bags, or at least he says. I think I can safely say I'll be at Walmart on Friday night, replenishing.

I had to work yesterday, while he went to the pumpkin patch. He brought me a white pumpkin for pretty on the porch and a big green and orange one to carve. He said his family was suitably impressed with our large bag o' candy. They can't believe we get that many trick or treaters. We do! I left instructions for our niece and nephews to get their own bouncy balls, which they did and were happy with. MIL was drooling over my stitched decorations, most of which I didn't stitch. This is probably why they're so cute!

I do have to post pictures of the cute things I got in exchanges this year. I got the most adorable bat ornament, and a gorgeous Halloween pillow came from the Sanman board Hallo-Fall exchange. SO cute! I love them, and they take pride of place with my Halloween decorations. Oh, and I seem to have finally rounded up the last of those from Mom's. I brought home a candy dish, a ceramic trio of chipmunks, and a wall plaque that I didn't even know I had--DOH! So now it will all be centralized and we can enjoy it!


Julie M said...

Well it certainly sounds like you are all set for Halloween. I haven't even bought candy yet. Last year we didn't have many treaters at all and this year is supposed to be cold. Not sure we'll have any at all.

Oh, and my weekend was not so good but it's over and I am moving on.

Annie said...

You really go for the gusto with this Halloween stuff. I like your enthusiasm!

Carol said...

Oh, opening that Halloween candy early is dangerous, Rachel! I did the same thing and almost half the bag is already gone! Luckily we only get about a dozen trick or treaters so there should be plenty. Happy Halloween :)

CindyMae said...

Oooh, I saw them new kisses and plan to get some, can't wait to try them now!!

Andrea said...

Just have to tell you that I love your header picture, those trees are just gorgeous!

Have a Happy Halloween, sounds like you're all ready!

Meari said...

Sounds like you're set for Halloween!

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls