22 October 2009

So I had an idea

Halloween is on a Saturday this year. I took the day off that day to take a punchneedle class at my LNS, but now that I know how much wedding stuff costs, and I realize I won't have time in the next year to become proficient at a new craft, I couldn't see spending the money on the class.

So that leaves me with a whole day to myself and nothing to do. And several Halloween UFOs and WIPs.

So I was thinking, why not spend the whole day stitching a Halloween project? I could make good progress in one day, right?

And then it morphed into maybe having a one-day Halloween SAL. I posted the basic idea on 123Stitch. Anyone that wanted to participate would, on the morning of the 31st, post a photo of either the fall or Halloween-themed project they want to work on that day, or what they want to work on. Then, at 9PM their time, post a photo of where they got to during the day. A couple people are interested.

And then I thought, bloggers might like to do that too.

So, this is my idea.

Choose a fall or Halloween-themed project you want to work on on October 31st. Post a photo on your blog in the morning. Stitch as much as you can all that day, even if you spend part of it handing out treats to kids (I'll be outside on our porch myself, since our doorbell doesn't work, and we have the wailing pitbull chorus in the garage on that evening). Then, at 9PM your time, post about how far you got. Maybe you'll finish. Maybe not. But, how often do we get to enjoy a whole day of holiday stitching?

Let me know if you would like to participate. It's nothing formal, I swear!


riona said...

I answered you on the 123mb but I like this option much better ... at least I know how to post pictures on my blog!!! Never did master that arcane Photobucket transfer to the mb deal. So I'll be participating via blog instead of via mb. I'll post my start picture a little early [before work]since I have Saturday am classes at the parish and then do the actual stitching from Noon to 9:00pm.

Rachel said...

This sounds wonderful! I even worked it that DH gets to take the kids out this year while "I" get to stay home!

Now to pick out the victim of the night...

Suzanne said...

I'd like to stitch with you all on Halloween, but I'll have to see what all is going on here. I have Midnight Watch started although I have been stitching some Halloween smalls...maybe I'll get osme time in on it.

Rachel, if you are short some of the WDW and GAST threads for Witches Hallow, check with me. I have duplicates on some of those, and I may be able to help...

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