14 May 2010

Looking at houses

We looked at a house last night. At some point, we want to move to a larger place. There's not really an option to stay in this one long term, not if we plan on having children. So we're looking. HTB's cousin is the listing agent on it. I think HTB was kinda thinking I would say, "I like it, this is exactly what I want." And a lot of it was. But it was overwhelming.

The house was MASSIVE--7000 square feet. That alone is an issue because there's just the two of us for now. I want to make decisions based on how it currently is, not what it might be in the future. What if we don't have children? What would we do with all the space? Other than clean it? It had 5 bedrooms upstairs, each with their own bath and walk-in closet; the smallest bedroom is the size of our master bedroom. Even using one for my sewing room, there would still be three bedrooms out with empty space. And that wasn't even looking at the basement. That alone was the square footage of our house. HTB said, "We could put my weight room there". I told him the only way we could really use that space would be to subdivide it and rent it out as an apartment. It did strike me too that open floor plans don't make for a lot of space to hang finished stitching, but that was a small concern, LOL.

It did have a lot of nice features. It has a lovely center island in the kitchen. We lack counterspace in our house, so that would be good. And it had plenty of storage. I told HTB that I don't think we own enough stuff to fill up a house like that, so we could probably actually have everything, including my ginormous model horse collection and our ever-expanding kitchen gadget stash, there. And it would be nice to have all my stash in one room, put away neatly. And it had a sitting room in the master suite; I told him that that would be nice if we do have a baby because, for those first few weeks, we could have him or her there and they would have a space that would be "their" space, close by.

It was nice to have the chance to go through a house like that. We actually had a really nice discussion on the way home about what we want in a house, and what our timeline is to make this move. He wants to be in it by the time he's 45, I don't want to move for the first year of our marriage, and I would prefer to not be pregnant when we make the move. I'd really like to go tour some modular homes--not tiny ones, they do make bigger modulars now. I still have that vision on my house on a hill in my head, so clear. I want to get as close to that house as possible, only now it will have a big garage/barn for our toys--the camper and the horse I want.

It was fun though. We've always lived in humble houses, sorta nice to step up and look in a luxury house, LOL.


Bette said...

Yep, I'd be worried about the cleaning too. But it sounds like you both had fun looking and defining what you really want in a house.

Deb said...

The only bad thing about having a bigger house is that you accumulate more stuff. My house is pretty large and it's three floors if you include the basement. All I do is clean, clean, clean. And all that spare room fills up fast! I loved it when we bought it, but am not so happy with it now. If I had a cleaning lady, it would be a great thing....but DH won't spring for one! :(

Pumpkin said...

Holy smokes! I wouldn't know what to do with that much space! Just think of the cleaning but most much would it cost to HEAT the place :oS

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