14 May 2010

Unforeseen S.E.X

I went over to Mom's today to let the twins out. I still get mail there, and, in addition to PS Prairie Birds, which I have been wanting, there was another package. I thought it was the new issue of Stoney Creek, but it wasn't. It was a 2011 Cross Stitch Calendar.

Last summer, I ordered the 2010 Cross Stitch and Needlework Calendar. It was a good buy for $20. There were at least 4 charts in there I like, and I have a habit of changing tastes as I age, so maybe more will strike me. And it was cheaper than buying it at the LNS. I forgot that I had signed up to have them keep sending them to me. And there it was. A little early, but I think it's worth keeping. My favorite design is of kitties looking out a snowy window in January, closely followed by a picture of the flag for July.

It came with a super-cute pocket calendar with a chart by Val's Stuff. WITH. A. BUNNY. The only drawback is that the bunny is stitched with CC threads with no DMC conversion. Why doesn't someone man up and do a conversion? I know, I know, "But Rachel, you can not convert overdyeds. The variations are too subtle, too intricate. You must stitch the design using suggested threads." HOOOOOOEEEYYYY. If they can convert Weeks, they can convert these. I know, I know, "Then YOU do it, Missy. If you're gonna complain, fix it." To which I answer with a resounding, "I'm BUSY." For now, I'll just write in my parents' wedding anniversary, and place my order for the overdyed threads.


Annie said...

And often when they do give a conversion, it's just from some standard on-line conversion that doesn't work particularly well anyway. I always end up making my own conversions for these things. But have fun with the 'real thing' anyway!

Pumpkin said...

REALLY???? Do you have a link to this new calendar? I haven't seen it yet.

riona said...

I'll be in Maryland - Herrington Harbor - mid July to the end of the month. If you are available, I would love to get together for another bayside stitch-in ... or you might choose a venue. Anyway, save your postage and calm your conscience, I can wait for my surprise till July.

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