09 February 2012

Another floss post . . .

Tell me if these posts get annoying and I'll stop.

Last night was the third installment of Jammerpalooza. Fortunately, the snow wasn't as apocolyptic as it was predicted. It was more like driving in rain, except on the last stretch I have to go to get home, the person in front of me kept jamming on their brakes. I don't know why. I was maintaining more than a safe distance, without high beams on (so I wasn't breaking any of those vague driving rules that require the person in front to brake as punishment), and the road was quite curvy at that point, and they were not braking on the curves. Part of me was like, "keep that up and you're going to brake on black ice and go down over one of these hills", but they turned before it got too annoying.

All my wound Anchor, at least the ones that are not being used in a project, is together in a single Jammer. However, I still have to wind a Ziploc bag of it. Finding said Ziploc bag was an adventure, but in doing so, I found a bunch of finishes I had misplaced that need finishing, so now they are corralled with the other stuff that needs finished (the more of this I find, the more my fear of the sewing machine is receding, but I have to have Left-brain get it out of the box and get it in running order--I don't trust my skills in this regard, all my sewing machines were already being used by the time I came onto them), and I found more over-dyed floss. If this project nets me no greater accomplishment, it is quite enough that I have all my overdyeds together. I even recognized a few of the clumps from the projects they were supposed to be for, one of which is no longer happening and I gave the charts away.

I even started putting my silks in their own Jammer. Since I was buying the Oops packs from Dinky Dyes for a while, as well as the Detritus packs from Vikki Clayton, I have a lot of silks with no names on them, and I didn't bother to put the manufacturer on the bobbin, plus DD put some cottons in there too, so, for a while, it was a rousing game of "Cotton or Silk" going on in Crazyville. I think I got them mostly right, but if not, it's close enough and I'll do better in general moving forward. I still have to put the other silks (we'll call them the semi-organized) in and sort the floss in the holding pen into the right boxes, and then I think, other than winding, my floss organization is done and I can get back to stitching. I've gone from 15 or 16 bobbin boxes to having two full, one a quarter full, and a small one for my CC floss, plus 2 full Jammers, and 3 partially full (I don't see the Anchor one getting full any time soon, but, then again, I have 2 Sandy Littlejohns' WIPs, and they're all Anchor, so when those are done, that box will be full, if they ever get done)

I did manage a few stitches in Hearts of America last night. I will try to post a picture tonight of my progress, but I'm finding that, with the lightness of the fabric I chose, I have to use less of the white the pattern calls for, it just blends too much with the fabric. A lot of the wording calls for this color, though, so I am using it as an opportunity to break out of my comfort zone and use some of the othe colors for the words, and then it struck me, since the chart calls for the year to be put in twice, and I don't like that, maybe it would be better to use one of the spaces to commemorate the wartime services of my great-uncles, two of whom have passed away? My Uncle Frank survived D-day and the Battle of the Bulge--I never watch "Band of Brothers" without thinking he was there, he lived through those horrors--and my gentle Uncle Harry, my grandpa's baby brother, who marched in General Patton's funeral procession, but, when he died in 1998, had very little fanfare at his own funeral. I think that works better, I just have to figure out how to chart it for them.

Hope everyone is having a great start to Thursday.

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Astrid's dragon said...

Thanks to you and Danielle, I picked up my box today! I figure I'll play with it tomorrow and see how much I can stuff in there!

I was very disappointed with the "snow" we got, but it does bring out those silly drivers.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls