07 February 2012


I didn't have time to stitch last night.

I decided to have one Jammer box devoted to a complete set of DMC. I've seen several people do that, and it seemed like a good idea, particularly since there is always the risk I'll be put on home bedrest and unable to get up and down and run back and forth to the sewing room, plus it would be a timesaver not having to sort through the small bobbin boxes, none of which are marked as to the number range. So, after actually making dinner from scratch (but it was only meatloaf, as I am a semi-feral housewife, with limited time and skillset), I sat down and started sorting.

I'm not finished yet. It was kind of a tedious PITA. I only put one bobbin of each in the Jammer and had to pick the right one: not wound sloppily, not with too much floss, not one that had a scanty amount of floss. Duplicate skeins are being stored in the bobbin boxes, in order, and I'm determined to empty out the big tub o' floss and have that nonsense completed. Of course, during this process, I got hindered by such questions as, What project caused me to buy and wind 7 skeins of DMC 160 that I have now forgotten I bought for? I could understand 762, since I have a lot of that, but that is a pale gray used for shading, but I don't even have that much extra black, so why that much DMC 160. Wierd, but at least I know not to buy anymore.

I have also been stopped by a few random mixed boxes of specialty and regular floss. Not the big "holding pen" Jammer that I went through last week. Little ones, all mixed up. And it wasn't the cheap floss--there was Thread Gatherer in there, and Six Strand Sweets, which is like gold to me, since the company went out of business. Where did they come from and how did I forget about them? For now, they're going into the holding pen to be treated just like any other skein.

Sometimes I think the internal process of organizing all this stuff is what really holds me back. I think I have a tendancy to micro-sort into "piles" that seem to make sense at the time, but probably just waste time. And then I get frustrated at the lack of progress, toss it all in a box, and, really, where has that gotten me? I'd like to think, this time, something is going to radically change, in that I actually have goals in mind, the supplies to accomplish the goals, and I'm fed up with the status quo. It's just a bit overwhelming because it's been this way for so long. And I'm like the people on the hoarder show in my insistence that it's all good stuff, which, really it is, because I have, over the past 2 years, given away several hundred charts that needed better homes than mine. And I know some of this is because I'm right in the middle, too far in to back out now, not far enough in to see the end, but, once I get this crap work out of the way, it should get better. Hopefully . . .


Kerri said...

Congrats on making sense out of all your boxes. I feel better when my supplies are all organized. I can spend a whole day searching for something that I know I have but didn't put back where I thought I should have put it.

I have an assorted box too. Iknow I have a bunch of Six Stranded Sweets that I will never use. If you would like them, just drop me a note and they will be on their way!

CJ in OK ;-) said...

I feel your pain. I had tried everything. My only comment Floss Away bags and big rings. any thread will fit in the bag so one system for all thread brands. But any new system will require startup time so Ugh! again. CJ in OK ;-)

Pumpkin said...

That's probably a good idea to get organized like that in case you are put to bed rest. I still have that fear and at least I know where everything is and can just tell DH where to go ;o)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls