07 May 2012

Quick, cute, and little

My progress on the very adorable Val's Stuff ornament from the JCS issue. I started him a few weeks ago, then spent a while working on big projects. I'm using the recommended threads on PTP Loch evenweave. That's not what the chart called for, but it's pretty close, and I love their fabric, and it works for this.  I picked him up on Saturday and I just think he's as cute as a bug. He should be a pretty quick stitch for me; the Weeks will slow me down a bit, but not too much, not at this size.

We finally got my sewing room cleaned out completely. All my stuff is in the office, stacked up. Left-brain told me he knows I will never stitch all that in my lifetime. Of course not, it's a collection, who uses all their stuff!  Honestly, though, I didn't realize I had so many UFOs and WIPs til now--there were even more than I had put in the big tub o' UFOs. Some of them, like Hummingbird Trellis, I look at and wonder if I will ever actually complete, but there are others that it just seems like a few weeks would take care of getting finished.  It's a good sign, though, I think, that I looked at that giant stack of boxes and thought, "You realize you need to work some of these down, right?" And I know that I have, stuck in bags, bins and boxes, enough supplies to accomplish this--I can even dye fabric thanks to the dyes my mom bought me. And, maybe, just maybe, it's time to go through the binders and start pulling things to give away. After all, other people do it!


Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

I love how your rabbit alphabet is stitching up, I have that one in my stash.

I also have way too much stash!

Happy stitching.

Jennifer said...

I stitched this one as a gift - I have to finish him up into an ornament. I changed "Just a little flakey" or whatever it was supposed to be to the little boy's name and stitched the year in there as well. I'll post a picture at some point. It was indeed a very quick stitch

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