11 November 2008

Drama, drama, it's all drama

I've been a little frazzled the past couple of days. SO and I came down to his shop on Sunday to get his work van so he doesn't have to drive his Tahoe all week, so on the way back, I stopped in at my/Mom's house (I don't know what to call it now that I am moving in with SO, but if my mom doesn't stop asking me when I am gonna get my boxes of stash out of the dining room, I'm not moving) to see if my VC silks I ordered for my birthday were there.

They were!

And SO's Marcus Deware jersey, which he has been saying he wanted for a year, and it was a little spendy, so when I found it on Ebay for half the cost of the Cowboys store, I bought that sucker.I thought about trying to get him a Deware autograph to go with it, but they were rather expensive, like a week's takehome pay. Not happening. But he'll like the jersey.

And there was a box labelled from my secret sister. HUNH? Secret Sister. Not the one from a little board I go to, cause she doesn't live in Indiana, where this lady lives. It slowly dawned on me that this was another round of Secret Sister on a Yahoo group. I thought I had to sign up for each round, and apparently not. She sent me this lovely Pine Mountain pillow kit, a dog picture frame, perfect to put pix of mummy's main man in, some beads and some needles. So I had this lovely box of stash from someone, and somewhere my Secret Sister was waiting for her box of stash.

Y'all, I could have thrown up. I felt so horrible. So I ran around, trying to get a hold of the moderator, so I can get my partner info and get her up to date. I was so upset. I try not to be a flake, if I can help it, and this was just awful.

I got her today. I like my partner! She likes dogs. She likes Halloween. She just seemed kinda sad the last time she posted as she thought her partner didn't want her. So I fully intend on spoiling her. Seriously.

So I am off to AC Moore at lunch to get her two skeins of floss and some goodies for a small intro package. They have really nice little Bucilla ornament kits, and one is a dog, so I'll get her one of them, plus their Christmas ornaments have gone up in quality, and I think I saw some dogs there. I can't be sure, but I think they are trying to copy the Hobby Lobby model in that, as HL has AWESOME ornaments.

Then, on Friday, I'll get her her big treats. I hope my LNS has them. We're going by there, because they're having a model sale to benefit a battered women's shelter in Catonsville, and my mom likes to go. I should be able to pick up some nice things.


Suzanne said...

Isn't that a sick feeling, to realize that something important has slipped past? I'm sure that she will understand as soon as you can explain that you thought you had to sign up again, you are in the process of moving, etc. and spoiling her will help too! LOL I was in Kohl's yesterday (not sure if you have them there or not) and they had some really cute dog ornaments if you are stil looking for ideas...

My VC silks came yesterday too and I am so excited! I got some for Quaker Christmas and they are so pretty...


Pumpkin said...

Someone got some goodies in the mail! VC silks...yummy :o)

Oh no! I hate when I forget important things too so I can empathize. I'm sure your SS is very understanding though and I'm sure you will spoil her :o)

Jennifer said...

My DH wants a 94 jersey, but his is for Charles Haley, one of his favorite players of all times. I must say though, DeMarcus Ware does the number proud.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls