11 November 2008

My buy of the week

I went to AC Moore up on "the Pike" today at lunch to get my stuff for my exchange partner. I think I did a good job. 4 skeins of floss as a mea culpa, plus a doggie ornament, and a Mary Engelbreit tiny Scotty dog kit, plus some doggie fabric. And then I got her a musical card from CVS. I hope she likes it.

But I got the best buy! I have wanted an ornament tree to hang my hand-stitched ornaments--all three of them--on, since I plan on stitching ornaments for a tree. I never liked the tiny ones. I don't know why, but I didn't.

We were in AC Moore the other day, just passing time, and letting my friend, Gloria Jean Anne, look at silk flowers. We've decided and accepted that between the Michaels on the pike and the AC Moore, if you want stitchy stuff, go to Michaels, but for silk flowers, AC Moore is better.

Anyway, we wandered over to look at the ornaments, and right next to them were these small artificial trees. They weren't lifelike, but I thought there was a good amount of space to put stitched ornaments on the trees. And they were small: 3 foot or 4 foot. I can't set something like that up at my mom's house--the cats would climb that sucker in a heartbeat and swing from the top like a little yowling star--but at SO's, it would work.

But they were $19.99 and $29.99. Which is too much for my budget. Not for a little tree. Not when I have to make the first payment on Trouble. So, instead, I decided that I would buy it on Friday, when I get paid!

Today I braved the Veterans' Day crowds--one of the joys of being here in the DC area is that on these federal holidays, traffic is good, but once you are in the office, you keep your butt at your desk because all the federal employees shop the pike on their days off. I wanted to make sure the trees were still there. I went over, and they were marked $3.99.

I brought mine home. The cashier said she was buying one too, with her discount.


Suzanne said...

that's a great deal! I want some kind of little feather tree to decorate seasonally with stitched ornaments...I thought it would be a cute way to display little stitched things that I like for each season

Pumpkin said...

Cool! They marked them down THAT low???? Great deal :o)

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