18 November 2008

On the sleigh and off to a good start

I've been on this kick now for 4 days and so far, I've managed to put aside 4.69 for charity. I'm keeping a list up at the top now, just to keep me honest.

It must be a sickness. I pulled out Autumn Winds to work on at lunch yesterday, and realized I did not have two skeins of silks I needed. I kitted this up so long ago, how did I miss out on those two skeins? I was kinda in a fluster, because I can't stitch around those areas for 6 weeks, I'm not that talented. And I have all those Oops Packs and threads I bought from Vikki Clayton over the years. Surely I have a rust brown, and a gold in there. I mean, I am a floss hoarder. But, as soon as my little hoarding soul heard that I was planning to open the boxes of hand-dyeds and look, it rebelled. "You CANNA DOOO THATTTTT! We MIGHT NEED IT for SOMETHING BETTER LATER! What if you have the PERFECT PROJECT and you USED THE FLOSS? Buy some more. Forget the children. Forget your promise. Leave my floss alone! I mean it!" Have I told you my hoarding soul is greedy and unpleasant? I ignored it and went through the boxes and found two skeins I can use, but I have to say, it killed me to cut the first length off one of them. Hoarding soul was not pleased, but I don't care, I am using that floss! I am saving $3.40, plus shipping. I have that to give to charity. It's not much, but it's more than I would have had to give had I bought floss.

I got a lovely package from Jennifer of Sweetpea Stitches yesterday. 2 skeins of her gorgeous floss. She really is wonderfully talented! I see bright things for her future as a floss dyer! Let us know when you open your Etsy store, girl!


Annie said...

You really have it bad when the floss boxes start talking to you. I only buy silent stash. But congrats on sticking to your charity project.

Suzanne said...

How funny! I hoard too, but I also do it with material! I'm anxious to see what yours looks like stitched with silks...I am doing mine in DMC.


Pumpkin said...

That's awesome Rachel! I dragged one leg out of the sleigh today and bought a package of beads, a skein of Threadworx, a small piece of fabric and a chart :oS It could have been worse! LOL!

Jennifer's floss is awesome isn't it!

Meari said...

LOL, don'tcha just hate it when the floss hoarder comes out? ;-)

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