03 November 2008

Getting back to normal

Robbie ended up in the vet through Saturday. His gland ruptured, so when I went to get him on Friday, they told me he had to stay. I did get some visiting time. I tried not to stay too long, so he wouldn't get too upset, but I was in tears when I left. He came home on Saturday morning, but felt the need to tell the vet staff exactly what he felt about their abusive ways. Apparently, it was insulting to his dignity to have his tiny hiney shaved, and then to have to wear a lampshade, while there are drains hanging out of his buttcheek (I guess I would be insulted too). Unlike the cat, he was smart enough to do his smack-talking sitting by the front door of the vet office, and insisted that, if I had to pay for him to be abused in such a manner, I was not as smart a woman as he thought I was, LOL.

He's starting to do better. The lampshade is not working too hot, but that's more a function of him not being able to comprehend that it's longer than his nose and wider than his body. We have to do hydrotherapy twice a day which he hates, but when I get the warm water in the tub, he doesn't mind sitting in it. He really loathes when I have to move the drains, and that hurts me, but SO said I had to keep doing it, because I have to do it to help him. He is being so good about his antibiotics (god bless the inventor of cream cheese), but I think he must realize cream cheese isn't supposed to be chunky, because he watches when I am sticking the Clavomox in the cheese. But he's taking it.

Stitching wise, I didn't do very much this weekend. I wound the threads from my Ooops packs on Friday night while waiting for the trick or treaters to come to the door. The pitty bulls were in the garage for the duration, and one of them decided to add to the Halloween atmosphere by sending up the most un-earthly howls whenever a child stepped onto the front steps, and it was kinda funny to watch the kids reacting to him. And for some reason, they seemed to think that the lockbox for the spare key was a bomb. They kept yelling, "Don't touch it." I had to stop myself from laughing.

Saturday was pretty much filled up with taking care of Robbie and working. Came home and SO informed me that he had eaten candy for lunch. It was pretty late, so I didn't get my stitching out.Even though I was annoyed at myself for not having Treaty fairy done.

I did pull her out yesterday and commenced beading her. I hate beading. Not when it's two or three or four, but this was some long runs of beading, and I was so afraid it would start to fall out, like SO's stocking did . . . at the fair, waiting in line to enter. So I was very slow. And my hoops aren't big enough to hold the whole piece, and I am not good at beading in hand, so I had to go today and found a large set of Q-snaps to use so I can bead.

Oh, and I did find that Michael's is having a sale on their fall baskets. I thought it would be pretty cool to have a fall basket with a piece mounted on it, and they had such pretty baskets 70% off. So I found an adorable tiny pumpkin shaped one that I can probably find a small design to go into. It was 60 cents--I couldn't pass that up.


Suzanne said...

I'm gladd poor ol' Robbie is feeling better. Doesn't it feel horrible for them to be sick or hurt?

I hate beading too. Have you tried to go thru each bead twice like you were making a cross stitch? That does seem to help some. I use Nymo thread and it feels pretty sturdy to me...but then again,I try to bead very infrequently! LOL


Meari said...

Oh, I hope your doggie feels better soon. Good for him telling the vet what he *really* thought! LOL

Petra said...

Awww I hope your pup is better soon...he's really been through a lot in one weekend!

Pumpkin said...

Poor little man :o( I'm glad to hear he got the proper care. I'm sure he'll be better soon.

I'm almost to the beading part with Tot but so behind. I can't wait to see a picture of yours :o)

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