11 June 2009

In other news

I am still slogging away on Mama Lion. I back-stitched one of her eyes today. Looking at it just now, she looks pained. But I guess I would look pained too if I were missing the top of my head and an ear. And the person who could offer me those essential items seems to be otherwise occupied.

SO bought us a new (to us) home gym yesterday. He already had a gym area in part of the basement, but I don't use that because I am afraid I won't do something right and injure myself, and look like an idiot doing it. This new one is a nice set up; it has leg equipment, which I love to use. We could actually work out together, which I need, because SO helps me with my form when I am lifting weights, and I need a firm trainer, because I goof off while working out (hence the reason I fear doing the workout wrong) but it's a little big for area he had wanted to put it in. The lady offered him a treadmill too, but he told her he had to see if this all fits in the house.

I walked in and he was on the floor, looking like an overwhelmed child on Christmas morning. Both pieces of equipment don't fit in the gym area, and he had apparently spent several hours trying to make it fit. He said, "My car needs a new battery, and I just spent the money on this." I kept my mouth shut, but, between you and me, the gym is a better investment than the battery would have been. I'm just saying . . .

We have a running thing about puzzles, because he loves them. The dishwasher is a puzzle to fill. He's good at shoving large quantities of dishes in, me, not so good. This is just another puzzle. I rubbed his head to get the thinking cap going, and told him we'd figure it out. And we did.

Basically we are going to move things around. The entertainment area goes in the small area the home gym was in, the gym equipment in the other part. Which I am stoked about. The small area is warmer because the heat duct comes down there, and the lighting is better. Since we spend so much time down there, and I stitch, the better lighting makes it easier, and I don't have to have my stitching light on. I have to work tonight, or I'd help him shift things around, but he'll get it done. If not, I'll help him tonight.

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