17 June 2009

A little calmer now

I'm calmed down some from this morning.

Perhaps it was that I played with the twins at lunch. And told Chancey I was making her a bandanna for 4th of July. She grinned at the idea. Robbie liked it, too. My boy likes anything I suggest that doesn't involve the vet. Now I have to decide who wears blue and who wears white. I guess that boils down to which one of them is messier, and that one gets blue. I'm a realist.

I also played with the cats. Mom informed me Robbie has been growling at Lily because she keeps trying to make bread on his back. Between you and me, I think he's becoming more confident in the notion she's not a funny-looking relative of his. When there was uncertainty, he was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Not any more. Gus and Flicky were pretty even. Gus was upset that Robbie was so close, but that's a personal problem. Robbie is not allowed to mess with him (he's not allowed to go after any of them, really, but the yellow kitty is utterly off-limits), so he just has to man up about it and tolerate it. It's not like Robbie licks him; that's Chance's specialty, and he dislikes it. I guess Gus just dislikes these two dogs, so different from the ones we had when he was a baby. But I do love watching all the animals interact. It's like having 5 children, just funnier. And more relaxing (Seriously, can you yell at your kids to "Goliedown!" when they act out?)

Perhaps it was that I went shopping in the stash I left at Mom's. Not "left", really. I just haven't stitched enough to make room for it. I grabbed a patriotic chart from Homespun Originals, the Lighthouse Sampler from By the Bay Needleart, and 3 packages of Aida Plus that I got in a lot on Ebay. Not only did I shop for free in my own stash, my mother gave me her Visa card so I could pay for my framing this weekend (part of it's for her anyway). I got paid to shop, LOL.

No, I have it. I had to put back the ladder my brother got out to do work for her and never put away. While trying to shove it between the water pipe and the wall, its rightful place, I knocked down a horseshoe that was hanging on the water pipe, right onto my shoulder. OWWWWWW. OWWWWWWW. Of course, I uttered a profanity. It fell on my shoulder. I don't know why there is a horse shoe in the house in the first place. The house is close to the DC line, not exactly horse country. My brother and aunt have horses, but they're in Southeastern Virginia, and I don't think this shoe would have fit either one of them. Anyway, it knocked sense into me, because I am going to get this project finished.

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