24 June 2009

I've got the blahs

Not much is happening around here. I am still working at getting the nunstitching done on the kitten throw. I am almost at the corner on the bottom, which means I have just one more side to do. I hope to have it done by Saturday, so I can mail it next week. But if it's not done by Saturday, I'm taking a break. I feel compelled to work with red, white, and blue. And now that I have all these cute freebies, it's getting to be too much to resist.

I did break down yesterday and ordered the floss and fabric for Brightneedle's Nantucket Sampler. I've had that chart for quite a while, purchased on the way to my little beach. I plan on altering the design slightly to reflect a more local flavor.
Even though it's based on a place in New England, it reminds me so much of the little coastal communities along the Cheapeake, with the soft colors and the sense of timeless grace, or at least what there was before Hurricane Isabel came in 2003. I really feel honored that I've gotten the chance to watch the area rebuild over the last 5 years, both professionally through my work with flood insurance, and just as a Marylander who loves the water. So, I really want to do this piece now, tweaked a bit. I ordered 40 count fabric, which part of me thinks is nuts, since I don't see so well lately, but am too ornery to go to the eye doctor. I just feel like the less evidence there is that I am not 15, the longer I can fool myself. I can handle the wrinkles and grey hair--I finally found a good hair color, and the wrinkles are right around my eyes or on my forehead and can be covered with bangs or laughter. It's the nearsightedness and the increasingly uncool clothes that really bug me. My boyfriend does not have this problem. He has an aura of 'cool' to him, that he'll have when I'm wearing Coke bottle lenses and gramma shoes. He'll be the only 80 year old at the retirement community rocking a skull tee-shirt in the dining room, LOL. Anyway . . . the stuff was shipped yesterday, so I should have it this weekend.

I think it will look better on the tiny count than over-1, which I have not mastered. I can do it, it's just not my preference, ya know? So, with the help of my lamp, and some patience, I'll get this finished. And probably get new glasses. I'm a realist.

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kimstitch3 said...

I have never mastered over 1 yet either. But then again, when I did give it a whirl, I didnt know any better and was using 2 strands over one on stupid .was wondering how to put to stitches in one hole and not have it be I know you are giggling over there Rachel. you are still young so stop complaining, I will be the big"40" this Decemeber, I'm the old one, not you. Take care my dear,Kimberly

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls