08 June 2009

It's getting to that time

The crunch is on for the fair.

Yesterday, SO and I went over to Michael's to get a frame. SO has never been to that particular store, but he went because I told him I needed his help to pick out a frame. I think he realized that, if this hangs in the house, I need a frame he likes too. So he went.

And he was good. He perked up when we got to the model car section. I didn't even know Michaels had a model car section, did you? He looked at them so longingly. I told him if he wanted one, he should get it. He said no, because he didn't have a place to display it. I have to find him a shelf, and then get him a model. We could craft together. We discussed the merits of the pirate bowling set (for his sister's kids, not for us). He said it wasn't very well made. I told him this was probably good; the last thing anyone needs is small children chunking non-foam balls at things inside the house, since we already have to childproof when they visit (can you imagine if they got into my sewing room?--it would be like a low-rent Disney vacation, with scissors).

We wandered down the frame aisle. One thing I have always liked about SO is that he gets me. We speak the same language, in a wierd way. So, when I said, "I want an African frame", he knew just what I wanted. And we found it. A really pretty frame that looks rough-hewn, but in a good way. And, because, SO is a perfectionist, he wanted the "perfect" frame, he sat himself on the floor and went through every one of the frames they had in that style to find the one with the least number of dinks and knots in it. It must be love if he was willing to sit on the floor for me. I wouldn't sit on the floor at Michaels. But I think this frame is going to look great! I feel a little bit bad about taking it to my LNS for framing, but they will still make the money off the stretching and mounting, and I just can't afford to have all my stitching custom-framed. Maybe by next year . . .

Mom came over to make no-sew fleece blankets for kids on Saturday. My house is a little better suited for this because I have room to cut, and the pets aren't doing their darnedest to lie on the fleece, like they do at her house. They're so easy to make and don't take that much time, if you are doing kid-sized ones. We did one with scottie dogs on it, and a paw print back, and the other one was bugs on the front and a blue back. Mom has more, but it was a long drive and we didn't have time to do all of them. She'll end up giving these to one of the local charities at Christmas, which I really admire her for.

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Meari said...

What a sweetheart to sit on the floor and find the perfect frame for you. :)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls