04 June 2009

Why there are no pictures this week

I have the best of intentions on putting pictures on here. I swear. Life interferes.

Last night, I got home at a fairly reasonable time. I would have been home sooner, but they closed the road through town for the fireman's carnival parade, and I had to go around. The road they wanted us to use would have put me waaaaaaayyyyy away from the house, and I am not that comfortable with running the backroads in this county. I got out on some Sunday due to an accident closing down the road, and one was unpaved. I didn't know there were still unpaved roads in this state, LOL. My car is a "citified" car, I guess, because it didn't handle the gravel very well, so I am going to try to keep my off-roading to a minimum in it. That, along with the prevalence of deer and the fact that I've already been hit by one, makes me a little hesitant to go road-running. So I took the back way into the neighborhood.

It was nice to hear the parade. I didn't go because the dogs needed tending to, but I did enjoy sitting on the bench, watching them eat, listening to the marching band. I realized they were playing some rock song by Finger 11. Their last big hit. When I was in high school, our marching band could only play "Louie Louie" and the 1812 Overture? We could have never played a song about being in a club. But then again, it was the 90s, we were in the back country, without Internet or cable; such things were a mystery to us.

By the time I got the dogs taken care of and ate dinner, it started to storm, so I had to bring the dogs in. And that was pretty much the end of the chance to post photos; I am not booting the computer up in a thunderstorm. And it DUMPED last night. SO had been down in Southern Maryland, racing, but they only got to run 3 cars before they called off the meet. He was home by 10, and, from when he got the truck door open to running up the front stairs, he was SOAKED. I couldn't believe it.

My pansies are loving all the wet weather we've been having. They're growing like crazy. I know I have to take them out of the planter, because it's getting too warm for them and I want to put in some summer flowers, but I feel bad about it. I'm just enjoying them for now. My mom is coming over on Saturday to work on some no-sew fleece blankets. I think I'll end up letting her take them out. That way, she actually killed them, not me.

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