25 August 2009

It's Exchanging TIME

I decided to sign up for a couple ornament exchanges this year. Two for Halloween, one for Christmas.

I don't normally do exchanges, I have to admit. Deadlines are not something I handle well (although this year, I have to say, once I took the "Whatever" attitude, the fair preparation got a lot more enjoyable). But I've always had fun with exchanges, to the point I caught myself wondering when they would start up.

I've been assigned two partners out of the three exchanges. Both are non-US residents. One Halloween partner is from Australia, my Christmas partner is from South Africa. I want to make it really nice for my Halloween partner, since she's always wanted to join a Halloween exchange and never has. I'm tickled to death to get overseas partners, especially for Halloween, since most countries don't celebrate this holiday and it's fun to pick out small goodies to put in the packages for them. Last year, courtesy of Walmart, I had a blast shopping for my partner, and I already found a small treat bag and a necklace kit at Michaels that I can't imagine someone not liking. They had some other things, too, but I figure they'll be on sale at Michaels in a week or so, so I can wait. I found out you can ship candy, so that's good--I see some candy corn and caramel apple pops in her future, LOL.

I just have to figure out what charts to stitch. I've been blessed to get some really cute things in the last two years. Two years ago, my partner sent me a pumpkin pillow ornament she designed herself. It stays up at work all year and my co-workers love it. Last year, I got a beautiful notebook from my partner with a stitched piece on top--too pretty to use, but perfect as a treasure. I have to sit down and go through my charts and figure out what would be best.

Any suggestions?

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Jennifer said...

I was just at my LNS, and she had the coolest pillow stitched up, using the Bats freebie from Tantes Zolder ( She stitched it in black thread on a mottled purple fabric, and it was finished as an 8 sided pillow trimmed in black eyelash yarn. I am not much for Halloween, but even I thought it was VERY cool.

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