07 December 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It snowed on Saturday. They'd been calling for 1-2 inches. I bet we got 4 in our little neck of the woods. I was supposed to drive to my hometown to sing at a Christmas party for senior citizens. Guess what didn't happen? We tried, because I had been rehearsing, and I didn't want to let everyone down, HTB even put his winter tires on the Tahoe so we wouldn't slip and slide, but the weather was too bad. I could have put up with not being able to see, since I was not driving. I was quiet so he could focus, I even was willing to deal with the huge chunks of snow hitting the windsheild. But when we came upon a car on its side, that was enough. The people were fine, the car was able to be driven onto the rollback, but I would never have forgiven myself if we'd gotten into an accident and HTB got hurt just to get to this party, and I know my mom would be upset, so we turned around and came home. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for brunch and I sang Dido's "Christmas Day," and Beyonce's "Ave Maria" to HTB, since I am OBSESSED with those songs. We toasted each other with my hot chocolate and his coffee and that was our Christmas party. And when we got home, we fed the birds and squirrels, so we could watch someone enjoy a holiday dinner. Rather goofy, I know, but it was a nice safe way to spend the day.

Yesterday, we got our Christmas tree. It was a long afternoon, tramping around the tree farm. Every year we promise ourselves we won't get a giant tree, and every year, we end up with a tree bigger than the year before. We've hit the limit this year, of both his ability to pull a tree that large out of the field, and the ceiling of the house. I knew there would be a problem when he looked at me standing next to the tree and said, "The tree is twice as tall as you." And he was not kidding--the tree is 11 1/2 feet tall and will touch the ceiling. I know we have ornaments for it. Not terribly sure we have enough lights for it. But it will work.
He did scare the bejesus out of me, though. He was wearing flannel-lined jeans, which seemed like a good idea when I was thinking of him shoveling the long expanse of sidewalk in front of the house, but he wore them with a fleece-lined wind-breaker, a hat, and a rugby shirt, and by the time he cut the tree down, he was overheating. I was really worried about him, once I figured out he wasn't sitting down because he was tired. He said he thought he was going to pass out. The tree farmer made him ride back to the main house with him, which I knew embarrassed HTB, but it was for the best, and he did feel better once he got his coat off and cooled down a bit.

Our snow is still here, lying pretty on the grass. We're not going to decorate the house til next Sunday evening--it's too much to clean the house and decorate before B gets here and we want her visit to be joyful.

I finished my Fa La La ornament for the most part. I had to order the seed beads, but they were shipped from 123Stitch on Friday and they should be here either today or tomorrow. I'll finish it once I get the beads sewn on.

And another stupid funny thing: We got new pillowcases. I was pulling them out to put them on the bed this morning. Imagine my joy and delight to find cardboard in there to use for ornaments. I can do two or three with what was in there. Does anyone else love finding cardboard they can use for finishing?


Kathy A. said...

wow, that was some nasty winter weather. Glad you two made the decision to turn around and go home.
Love the Christmas tree story. Can't wait to see a photo of it all decorated.

Annie said...

Sounds like the snow was a lot worse in your area than here. Stayed on the grass mostly (where it belongs!) and most main streets were pretty well treated. Yesterday morning, not much on the streets even after an overnight freeze.

I'm a cardboard hoarder too. Always looking for just the right weight.

Enjoy your giant tree. Sounds like you now how to celebrate whatever the weather!

Vicky said...

Sorry that your weather is so bad, we are having 100 deg days LOL

I have never thought about saving the cardboard for my ornaments - duh and I just got new sheets and pillowcases and tossed it!

Pumpkin said...

LOL! You guys sound like us :o) We are going to have to get a smaller tree this year though because we just don't have the space, not that that has stopped us before. I love big trees!

We only got a bit of snow but lots of rain. I think the roads were a bit slippery. It's always best to be on the safe side.

I LOVE finding cardboard to use for my ornaments! LOL! I even have one shaped like a house :o)

Meari said...

What I wouldn't give for only 4" of snow! lol

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