12 October 2010

An Exchange and a Finish

I am so happy to be able to post a finish finally!

It's been a hectic week, but I managed to put the final stitches in "Bump in the Night" this morning. Here it is in it's unhooped glory. I like how it turned out and it was a great way to use up scraps of fabric I had around. I'm going to do a very simple finish on this, just backed onto felt. It's a big ornament, and anything more fancy would make it simply ginormous.

And my lovely exchange gift from Marilyn. Aren't they cute? She asked what I liked, and, of course, I told her black cats. I think it's shameful that my Halloween tree has no black cats on it as of yet. Now it does, and I love her finishing.

Stupid me forgot to take a picture of the ornament I sent her. I was rushing to get it out on Saturday and forgot. Duh!

And my Halloween tree. Since there were no black cats on the tree, I put the one I bought last year at AC Moore under it for effect. I can't wait til this tree is fairly dripping with ornaments!


riona said...

You'll get there ... it only took me three years to stitch the ornaments now over-crowding my tree ... started with the first JCS Halloween issue and simply went on from there.

Blu said...

Cute finish! Your tree is just adorable. I'm sure it'll be overcrowded soon enough.

Vicky said...

I am going out to get a small tree for Halloween, Borders had some in black after last christmas but I didn't bother back then :(
Oh and your purple bat ornament, that is what I am currently stitching for myself :)

Carol said...

Your Halloween tree is so cute, Rachel. I'm a huge black cat lover, too, so I'm happy to see you now have your very own on your tree :)

Annie said...

What a cute finish! And you got cute exchange gifts too. It's fun to have a nice way to display them and I know it will be chock full of scary stuff before long!

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