04 October 2010

Still plugging away

I thought I would have more finishes this weekend. I had fully intended on having 2 new ornaments to hang on my Halloween tree, as well as finishing my ornament for the exchange. I got the exchange ornament done, but not the other two. Bump in the Night is taking a very long time to stitch, and I just haven't settled my butt to finish Hoppy Halloween. Arrrrgghhhh

I did finally manage to muster up the courage to use the stand mixer I got for a shower gift. It's black, by the way. Not a fun color, but it matches the appliances, and I won't have to replace it because I got tired of the color in 5 years. Left-brain wanted some chocolate chip cookies and so, I made them for him. I was going to make shortbread, but I didn't have the right pan for them. Booger! I even did something I never do, and read the owner's manual, a task made more impressive by the fact that a stinkbug fell out of it when I pulled it. Not only did I not run screaming from the house, I washed the exposed parts, and disposed of el stinkbug. The cookies came out pretty good; I only overdid one sheet of cookies, and I'm totally blaming Left-brain. He asked me to go move my car, and he'd watch them, and let's just say, he's a better cook than a baker. He's eating those cookies. Uck. Maybe tonight I'll do the shortbread. I can handle the 10 minutes of hand-kneading the dough without wanting to "try" it in the mixer. The mixer is not a toy. Nor is butter. Neither are to be wasted on "experiments in this stage of the game.

I'm still trying to decide how I will handle stitching on the honeymoon. We are planning on having a very active trip, but I am sure there will be time for me to stitch, so not sure if I want to declare a "holiday" from freebie stitching, or if I will just kit up a bunch of little freebies and take them along. But then again, I could always do some finishing, too. Then I'd have a wealth of ornaments for my tree. Decisions, decisions.

I'm still working on choosing my project for October 31st. That may actually end up being a non-freebie chart. Since it is a holiday and all.

OHHHHHHH, my cleaning and organizing finally yielded some results. I located my UFO of "Frost is on the Pumpkin" by Cricket Collection. I started this one in 2005 and keep managing to lose it. At one point, I was really upset because I couldn't find the WIP and I really don't like starting over. But, after best friend B left, I found not only the chart, but my half-stitched piece, too! Woo hoo! They are safely together and ready to be stitched into a wall hanging. All is well . . .


Annie said...

Only other stitchers would understand your dilemma of what stitching, if any, to do on your honeymoon. Too funny!

Siobhan said...

Congrats on the find! I am constantly misplacing charts or WIPs, and I only have a few places where I keep my stash. Agh!

YUCK on the stink bug!! Good for you with the mixer, though. I'd love one of those stand alone mixers. I was looking at Pioneer Woman's recipe for pizza dough and lamenting that I'd have to mix by hand. ;)

You asked about my hexagon flowers... I am English paper piecing them. When I sew the quilt top together, I'll remove the basting stitches and take out the paper. I followed the tutorial on It's a looooong term project but I am enjoying it.

Julie M said...

Glad you found "Frost". Had to laugh at the stitching on the honeymoon!

I have the black kitchenaid mixer. Love it!! Ick on the stinkbug. I'm proud of you for handling it yourself!

Pumpkin said...


I love that pattern! I have yet to add it to my stash. I hope it's not OOP.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls