13 October 2010

A nice designer blog

If you're a Joan Elliott fan, take a few moments to look this blog over. She previews her lovely designs, including her breath-takingly beautiful new Christmas angel from Cross Stitch Collection. She has been doing some SPOT-ON designing this year, including the lovely elemental goddesses collection she did, but this angel is STUNNING!


Annie said...

I love her designs. I just usually don't stitch larger pieces, but hers are very tempting.

Billie said...

I got the magazine this week and the angel is absolutely stunning!!! I will stitch it for sure, just not this year ;-)

Vicky said...

Hi Rachel, couldn't find a contact for you so thought I would just pop a message here wishing you all the best for the weekend and look forward to seeing pics and hearing it about it soon. Hugs Vicky

Pumpkin said...

She does have some lovely designs. TFS :o)

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