05 October 2010


Meari posed an interesting question about how we store our floss. So I thought I would share pictures of my storage. And some other pictures of my storage area. I don't have a large sewing room, so storage is not that great, but it's not all over the floor and, at this point, this is a good thing!

This is my big ol stack of bobbin boxes. Some might say it's bad to wind on bobbins because it kinks up the floss. It does that, but I guess the big question is, "Does it matter?" I can't see the difference in my stitches. Maybe this is what's keeping me from best of show, but I'm sure there are other things holding me back, and even I, who overthinks everything, decided this was just not worth losing sleep over. I have bought some Jammer boxes. They're OK, but I still like the bobbin boxes.

Next to them are the carousel horses I bought this spring, and a vintage cross stitch of schnauzers. My gramma wanted a schnauzer really badly after her poodle died, and so, since I couldn't get her a real one, I found these on E-bay. I think it's pretty old; it is stamped, the stitches aren't perfect, but I think it's a treasure. I think they are so cute. I gave it to her and she liked the picture; after she died, I took it back. I'm thankful to have it. One day, we'll put them up. I also have the quarter map we worked on together behind them. It was a collection that we both liked and getting a new quarter was a ritual. It had to be perfectly upright, and I'd put them in for her. When they were in, she would run her fingers over the map. The day she died, I had found a quarter for Kansas, because we were worried we wouldn't get it. It came the next week, and it was really hard. I finally finished the map this year; I tucked that last quarter in, ran my fingers over all the states, touching the quarters she'd touched, and I told her it was done. I'd like to think she was happy.

But I'm not that organized. The floss I haven't wound is in this giant tub. I will wind it, but it's enough to go through and pull floss from the box. My new plan is that, when I finish a project, I wind it on the bobbin and put it in the bobbin boxes, not back into the giant tote of foolishness.

And the area I store all of it in, which also includes some of my messy collectible area. All those binders are full of charts, bought back before I had more disposable income than sense. One of the binders is out, because I was looking for a BOAF chart. I used to collect those. Now they're going for big bucks, and I had gotten rid of a lot of them.

On the upper two shelves, I keep my little things that make me happy. 3 Breyer horses that were originally sold as a set, and that your girl found all split up over a few years. Actually pretty remarkable because they only made 500 sets of this particular trio and it wasn't the kind of thing you would have bought had you been a casual collector. I certainly wasn't casual when I bought them. There is also a little Fenton glass cat Gramma had them paint as a tabby and asked to have the artist sign it for my Gus. She would buy me tabby cats because of him. I bought black cats for her because of her cat, so it was reciprocal. LOL. And all my cool books are up there too. I will admit, there are some things that need better organization. I have big plans for this room, mainly involving taking out the couch and putting in a big easy chair to stitch in. I'm not going to go beachy, I think I want to make this the hub of my patriotic sheep obsession. I just have to bring my lamp up.

So that's a partial tour.

When I get things neatened up after the wedding, there will be more pictures.

You can barely see the corner of my UFO box, but that will come to prominence over the next year.


Kathy A. said...

And I thought I had lots of floss LOL. Mine is split between two houses!!
I loved hearing about you and your gramma. It is wonderful that you were able to share some memories that still make you smile.
I'm sure she smiled when you completed the quarter collection!

Pumpkin said...

Now that is a LOT of floss ;o) I don't mind it being on bobbins but I've gotten lazy in my old years and now keep them in full skeins. I have them all divided up in bundles by their numbers so they're easier to find :o)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls