28 December 2010

2010--A Stitching Year in Review

With 3 more days left in the year, it's time to do a wrap up of the stitching year that was and to decide how 2011 will go down.

There was a lot to be ecstatic about this year. I managed to accomplish the goals I set for myself last year, as far as stitching only for SALs, freebies, UFOs and WIPs. I know I've said it before, but that's impressive for me. And I managed to complete 40 projects this year. That is pretty stellar, considering I was, um, kind of busy this year. I learned to sew a humbug, I finished a biscornu (granted, it needs to be repaired and a bit more stuffing added, but it served its purpose well as a ring pillow, and it's holding the pins that pinned my bouquet, at least til I find the perfect pin pillow ornament to use them on.

I stitched things this year that I'd been wanting to stitch for a long time. My single finish from the monthly cats by Pam Kellogg--oh, la, I've got to finish the rest of them some time soon. I finished that very cute Halloween Costume by BOAF--thank you again to Libertybelle for sending it to me. I loved the little "Reader I married him," by Casey Buonagario--I still need to mount that on a box as a pretty! I even found treasures I didn't know I had--Dragon at the Manger is one of my new favorite ornaments.

I found new designers through this stitching. I love the Hares series by Plum Street Samplers. I've already bought the Halloween one. I plan to buy them all--they look so cute. Ships Manor is a new designer with a fresh eye and cute ideas. And I was so glad I can finally say I finished a Kustom Krafts design. It might have been a freebie, but it was a cute one and it's still a finish.

So, looking forward, what are my goals for this year?

I want to exhibit in the fair again. I missed it this year. I missed it more than I thought I would. I will not make the mistake of being unprepared happen again. I have decided that, if I'm a bit more careful with my money and focus my stash budget into a framing budget, I can get more things framed and ready in time to enter. I don't want to win Best of Show this year, I want to be able to compete. That's enough for me.

I've signed up for the Challenge, and I have every intention of finishing all of them. Don't we all? But, in reality, if I can get 10 of the 15 done, I'll be happy. I still have a bit of kitting up to do, but I'll get it done. I'm ready to start--I've already sized up Day 1's project and am glad it's pre-sorted. But I'm going to enjoy the process, first and foremost.

My other main goal is to get ornaments finished. I got very few done this year. I've been so lazy or pre-occupied or what, but nothing got done. I've got to improve that. I know my problem; I try for perfection, and, if I'm not accomplishing that, instead of accepting it and trying to do better, I give up. It's probably not the best way to be, so I'm going to keep telling myself that I can't improve if I don't try.

As I've done before, I'm putting the list of my finishes for the year in this post. It's kind of nice to see what I've accomplished, even if I look in the future.

23 December--1989 Angel--Told In a Garden
21 December--Believe--Daffycat Designs
19 December--My Little Heart SAL--Sylvia
9 December--Blizzard Flake 4--Sanman
28 November--Doe and Fawn--Stoney Creek
24 November--Christmas Bells Hanging Pillow-The Sampler Girl
22 November--Snowy Pines--Little House Needleworks
14 November--Dragon at the Manger--Dragon Dreams
13 November--Spooky Time-Lavendar Wings
3 November-Halloween Costume-Birds of A Feather
2 November-All Hallow's Evening 2010-AuryTM
31 October--Ghouls Night Out-Sampler Girl
24 October--Dragonfly Morning--Elizabeth's Designs
21 October--Autumn Blessings--Plum Street Samplers
13 October--Bump in the Night-Ships Manor
25 September--Sweeping Cobwebs(portion)--Prairie Schooler
14 September--Blue Cat Scissor Fob-Cherished Stitches
28 August 2010--Hoppy Halloween-Little Old me Designs
20 August--Happy Pumpkin Day--Cathey Magill
19 August--Britty Puppy quilt square-Brittercup Designs
3 July-USA-Trail Creek Farms
2 July-Memorial Ribbon-CraftDesigns4U
26 June-By the Sea--Sanman Originals
21 June-Letter H-M Designs
7 June--March Inky Blackwork--Sanman Originals
27 May--Christmas Cardinal--Kitty and Me
16 May--January and February Inky Dinky Blackwork SAL blocks--Sanman
12 May-Reader, I Married Him-Casey Buonagurio
1 May--Christmas Carrot-Country Stitch
21 April--Irish Kitty-Kustom Krafts
13 April--Joy-Lizzie Kate
11 April-He's a Flake--Little House Needleworks
24 March-Lavendar Humbug-WOXS
18 February-Tudor Valentine--Debbie Draper
13 February--Pear Tree--Little House Needleworks
3 February-Fa La La-Plum Street
12 January--Hare Lines--Bent Creek
10 January--Midnight--Pam Kellogg
3 January-Pins and Needles--Sunflower Seed
1 January--Boo Club-Lizzie Kate

So, that's the end of this post, probably the last one for the year. I wish you and yours a joyful and blessed New Year. Let's all "Believe" in 2011: in ourselves, in our communities, in our world. We have a clean slate in the New Year, let's not waste it.


riona said...

You have had a very productive year ... and when you consider all the time devoted to wedding preparations, your accomplishment is all the more impressive.

I look forward to tracking your progress in the Crazy January Challenge and to our unofficial SAL with the Ice Dragon's Kingdom, as well as the official Town Square SAL

I am still working on my last two ornaments for the Bride's Tree SAL and hope to have them done and photographed before I put away my tree on January 7

Siobhan said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your list of accomplishments, and your positive attitude towards next year. I can relate to your feelings about ornament finishing... I think it's pretty much where I am stuck, too. I am hoping to change that in 2011.

Happy new year!

Vicky said...

Wow, considering you had a wedding to plan in 2010 your stitching goals achieved is amazing :)

Kathy A. said...

That is an impressive list of finishes you had in 2010. Considering you had a wedding to plan and be the star of that is a major accomplishment.

Look forward to your 2011 list.

mbroider said...

40 is a huge number Rachel!! Congratulations on accomplishing so much. The biscornu you did was beautiful. As it has a very special meaning, i would just leave it that way :)

Good luck with joining the Fair this year

Carol said...

You should be very proud of all of your stitching accomplishments this year, Rachel--that is a very long list. And you got married in between--very impressive.

May 2011 fill your life with wonderful things :)

Daffycat said...

Wow, you had so much going on this year...I can't believe how much stitching you managed to complete, Rachel! WTG!

It's really kind of strange to see Daffycat Designs listed and know I'm responsible ~ lol

April Mechelle said...

Hey Rachel, Thanks for visting my blog. You had asked about the Owl Scissor Fob. It was a freebie chart. I can't remember the designer right now. I am going through that craft room. I will come across it. Just email me your email address and I will email it to you when I come across it...
Your are going to be one busy lady with all those projects!!! Can't wait to see them all.

Bette said...

I'm very impressed with your list of finishes, especially with your wedding planning you did. 2011 should be a great year for you.

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your 2010 finishes! That's impressive :o)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls